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And He said to them, “When I sent you without money bag, knapsack, and sandals, did you lack anything?” So they said, “Nothing.” Luke 22:25. I have no idea what this verse meant to you but if you have read it before now but it is a clear explanation of the fact that if God gave you a vision then he is committed to making the provision.
The word provision can be broken into pro and vision. While I may want to quickly explain vision to you in this context as a God given assignment which defines the purpose and relevance of a man’s existence, pro will then mean God’s plan before the vision. My focus here is not to write about vision but I want to dwell on it a little. Vision is what sets the boundaries for a man’s life even when he has absolute freedom. Vision is what makes a man say, ‘I can’t do this because I know where I am going to. Others can be doing it but we are not going to the same place in life.’ It is the constant picture in the mind of a man backed by dominant thoughts about what he will become, who he will be or where he will be in the future.
For us as children of God who have a clear understanding of how our lives must be in accordance to the will of God, we do not choose our vision and I think that is what really makes it easy for us to fulfill our purpose in life. If we choose a vision for ourselves then we must provide the resources to bring the vision to pass but when God chooses or designs a man to fulfill a vision then he has the sole responsibility to provide for the vision. The word ‘pro’ in this context means before so when we are talking about provision you should know that God has an arrangement in place before the vision he gave you in order for the vision to come to pass.
I like the question that Jesus asked the disciples in the verse quoted above because it is a question so many believers and visionaries need to answer. We only need to worry about the resources for our vision if we are not doing what God told us to do. The disciples were probably forgetting that they once did an assignment for Jesus where he specifically instructed them not to carry money! They were embarking on an evangelistic journey and they would need to eat after the day’s job but he still told them not to carry money. The interesting thing was that as they strangely obeyed Jesus, they never lacked anything. I used the word strangely because everybody knows it is not wise to travel without money especially when you are not returning that same day.
We do not need to worry about the resources for our visions given to us by God because according to His word, the ones who were sent out without money bags lacked nothing! I guess you are already asking, ‘how then will this thing be done if we don’t have money?’ Well I guess the verse quoted still answers the question! Jesus said he sent them out without money bags and they lacked nothing then I deduce the fact that he had positioned people with the needed resources in strategic places they would go to. What does that mean? According to the word of God, you can only be stranded in a place if God never sent you there! When he sent the disciples to the fish, he provided the money they would take from the wish so why worry about God’s project which is just in your custody? You are the supervisor and not the financier!
According to His word – 21 | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, WCC
‘But this He said to test him, for He Himself knew what He would do.’ This statement as recorded in the book of John 6 verse 6 is not about a master trying to show how weak and seemingly helpless his followers are so that he could prove some super power to them at the time a lot of people needed proofs from him regarding his divine identity.
He spoke as someone who wanted his followers to be focused on solutions rather than looking at the challenges ahead of them. Jesus obviously knew ahead of that time what he could say and it was clearly stated that he wanted to test him. It was a test of his thoughts and spiritual intellect as far as I am concerned because Jesus was not expecting him to be making physical calculations for the problems on ground. In the following verses this disciple went on to tell Jesus how much would not be enough to feed them because of their population. Another disciple said there was a token with a young boy what that was not going to be enough. When I read the exact statement of the disciple which was, ‘There is a lad here who has five barley loaves and two small fish, but what are they among so many?’ it was like saying this stuff here looks like the solution to the challenge we have on ground but it still does not look big enough to be the solution!
I can imagine how Jesus was looking at them in that situation because they still did not get what Jesus was trying to teach them. The problem was not the availability of what to offer the crowd but how the disciples perceived that they did not have the solution and that what they had that seemed relevant could not be the solution! They were standing right in front of the solution but they thought they still did not have the solution! How many times do we as Christians, or as true children of God, (because the word Christian has been bastardized) stand right in the middle of the solution and we are saying to God that there is no solution?
According to His word, Jesus himself knew what to do so it was not about what anybody was thinking. I have to tell you that Jesus knows what to do in your situation but he is still going to ask you some thought provoking questions and your answers can either delay or hasten the solution that you require. While one disciple did not even see a solution at all in that passage, the other one saw the solution but he said, this is too small to be the solution. When God shows you what the solution to your challenges are, don’t argue with him on the perceived size and capacity of the solution.
God knows what to do in your marriage, business, academics, professional carrier, community, nation or even your continent as a whole but the solution is sometimes preceded by a ‘thought test’ as we have seen in John 6 verse 6. You need to stop trying to reason out everything that God can do with you or will do for you by your intellectual capacity because your small brain or even anyone’s big head cannot logically explain the moves of God. It’s so amazing to see that all we need to do is to believe that God can do something without trying to reason out how and he will step in to present the solution leaving us to marvel at the details of the provision! According to His word, He himself knows what to do so don’t limit him in your professional analysis.

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