According to His word – 5 | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM

If all you can see is the situation that you are in then you will never see God in that situation. God does not expect to be in the situation so long as you keep your focus on the situation. It’s never going to get better until you look at God and let him know that He is the one who can make things better and you are only to keep your mind clear! Sometimes God wants to take us out of a situation, especially the ones we are complaining about but he decides to take us on a journey.
When God decides to take you on a journey He begins the process in your mind. In other words, God journeys with you on your mind before he gets you going on the real journey because if you don’t have a safe journey on your mind about where God is taking you to, you will not have a safe journey in real life about where he really wants you to be. Again, a very good example is the children of Israel and I must say that the reason they could not cross the wilderness to the promised land is because they never crossed it in their minds.
When God promises to take you to a place He will begin the process of mind exploration with you. He paints pictures regularly and gives you words from time to time. Sometimes He will give you the conviction about something and you may not seem to be able to achieve that thing. All God needs from you is for you to take that conviction and he will do the rest for you. According to His word in Genesis 13:15, He was only going to bless Abraham based on what Abraham saw! His word says, ‘for all the land which you see I give to you and your descendants forever. (NKJV)’ The obvious emphasis was on what he could see so if he saw the wrong picture he would have gotten himself into a mess.
It is important for us to work so well on our minds because what our minds can conceive will determine what our eyes can see and what our eyes can see will determine how far God can take us because His word will only take us as far as we can see! You have to learn how to create pictures that contradict your present situation because if you don’t you may never get out of the situation. Your future will only be amazingly unbelievable if you learn from now how to create pictures that contradict your present situation in your mind!
When some people came together with a strong picture in their mind to build a tower that will reach into heaven, God had to stop them because He said nobody will be able to stop these people from achieving what they have planned to achieve. (Reference is in Genesis 11:5-8) They had a picture in their minds and someone was able to mobilize all the people by painting the picture correctly to them. Couple with the picture, they were working with one mind so what they saw in their mind was very visible until the language barrier came in to stop the process.
I dare say to you that there are so many things that God wants to do for you and through you in your area and beyond your area but the only way this can be achieved is for you to see well and see farther. See the correct picture and don’t limit God with what you see!

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