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There is one major difference between those who end up achieving the things they have conceived and those who do not achieve them. I want to categorize them as those who think of achieving from within and those who think of achieving from outside. They both can achieve whatever they have set their minds to achieve. One understands something that works and uses it. The other also understands it but focuses on something else.
When you hear someone with abilities talk more about his environment and limitations only, that is someone who is trying to achieve from outside. He thinks that he will make it if he has the enabling environment and the right resources. So all that he wants to so will only be energized by the things he sees on the outside. Until he sees the right resources he is not fired up enough to get things done.
The other person who achieves from the mind thinks more about the power of the dreams he carries. He is propelled by the vision from within and the things he sees in his mind. Those things are not yet real and when he tries to explain to other people they may not even understand what he is talking about. Some people may say he is mad and ask him to clear his senses so he can return to reality. This person can’t stop because the propelling force is from within. Whatever he sets his mind to achieve will become a reality. That’s because he will not stop until it is done.
As I said earlier, they both can achieve the things that they have set out to but one person looks inward and the other looks outside. If you are looking outside then you are killing the gift on the inside. If you are look inside then you are making the environment less powerful over you.
We all have the capacity to function like the thermostat – look inward and make things happen based on what we carry – or to function like the thermometer which just measures the temperature and tells you what it says. You have no business tell yourself what the environment says because that is what you will reinforce to yourself. You must say what you see on the inside to get what you want.
For those who think that they cannot achieve because of where they are and what is around them, some of them don’t achieve much even after changing location. When you change location you should remember that your mind has not changed. Your head or brain has not changed. It is not really the location that will be the issue. In fact, the old location may have moved with your mind when you were changing location. So if you change location without changing your mind, you will still be constrained by the same issues you had in the old location.
I believe that you can achieve all that you dream about or have seen other people achieve. What you need to do is to focus more on the gifts inside. Do you remember the popular Bible story of how Jacob put a striped stick in front of animals? Those animals began to give birth to babies that had the same colour with the stick that they saw. What they saw in front of them was what they conceived inside of them.
If that can happen to animals how much more human beings? Many of us don’t seem to realize that the things we see on daily basis are beginning to from the things that we are conceiving and also helping or limiting the things that we can achieve.
Choose carefully what you conceive today and make sure you achieve from within rather than trying to achieve just by the limited available resources around you.

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