Achieve results with little consistent steps | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Building anything will not happen instantly. What you also intend to build can appear to be a very daunting task. Sometimes you will be scared about the possibility of your own dreams but when you understand that no dream is too big to be built or achieved, you will eventually get what you want.
As it is with building a house, you have to do it gradually. You will get the money to buy a landed property and pay for the land. You pay a surveyor to do your land survey and you pay an architect to get the design done for you. Depending on what you are building, you will need a quantity surveyor to tell what what’s going to be needed and that will give you an idea of the cost.
You understand that building anything is a gradual process. If you do, then you should realize that your dream too will be a gradual process. Any result that you want in life will have the planning phase and the execution phase. You will need to take things one after the other. When you try to do too many things together, you may crash everything you are trying to build.
If nothing is happening fast for you, don’t see yourself as a failure. If others seem to have gotten their results quickly, don’t start focusing on their results and wonder why things are not happening for you. Just tell yourself that these other people started earlier and took care of things one after the other. If you start yours now and remain consistent, you will eventually get to where those other people are and also surpass their own achievements.
Are you trying to rise in your career? Start building that career gradually. Are you planning to build a business that will become a global business? Well, you will have to be patient. Take a look at all the global businesses we have in the world today. Many of those global businesses where built over the years. It took centuries to build some of those businesses and others were built over decades.
There are not too many businesses that you can call global or even successful that were built over a couple of months or just a few years. When you even find those exceptions, you will realize that many of those businesses are hinging on some already established businesses.
Take your time and don’t be in a hurry to destroy what you intend to build if it looks like what you are doing is not working. When you want to do something small, you will easily get your instant result because what you are doing is very small. So with any small dream, it is okay to be worried when results don’t come in quickly.
If you are going to build a big dream, what you have to do is to take small but very consistent steps. Do something today and do it well, knowing that you are going to build on that thing to get other results.
I think you should not be worried so long as you have created milestones for yourself and you are hitting them. When you set a target and you hit it, don’t stop there. Don’t relax. Set another goal and keep working at it. When you hit that again, you set another one until you finally get to where you are going in life.
Please do not be discouraged and do not ever give up when everything is not happening as fast as you want. Just ensure you achieve results with small but consistent steps that you are taking. After a while, you will be surprised at how much you have done.

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