Achieving more through Focus – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Succeeding in life requires focus and this is not something that is unknown to many. However, being able to focus is the challenge. ‘How do I focus?’ Some people often ask. There are too many distractions even when I try to focus. I really want to focus and I hope I can do this. Oh, yes! You can! This is not an impossible task because several others have done it successfully.
So let’s dive into the details of focus to see how this helps us achieve more in life. If you do not focus in life it will be difficult to achieve what you intend to. You may not be able to achieve as much as you should until you begin to focus. There are people who achieve something effortlessly with very little focus. If they are able to achieve more with little focus, you can imagine what happens when they focus more on what’s to be done.
You may also have found yourself in a situation where you get things done effortlessly with little focus. If that has ever happened to you, now is the time to do more by focusing on those things that you do effortlessly.
What is focus?
It means to bring attention to a point. To focus is to direct all attention on an object, person, idea or goal. I can say focus is about narrowing all attention to one thing out of the many options before you. This therefore means you have to identify something or a goal to focus on in life. You can also say focus is dedicating your entire time and life towards getting something done or attaining a certain height.
How to choose your focus

  1. You should choose your focus based on your dreams in life. What are your dreams? What do you want to achieve in life? Who is that successful person that inspires you? Are there things you have imagined even if no one else has created that thing or the world hasn’t seen anything like it? That’s what you should focus on achieving.
  2. You have to create a focus based on the gifts that you have or the gifts you need to acquire. In creating a focus for yourself, you need to put to considerations the gifts that you have and the gifts that you can possibly acquire. When you try to achieve something in an area where you are not gifted or cannot be trained, you will be frustrated and remain frustrated. If you can’t sing and training in musical classes can’t help you become a better singer then you will be wasting your time hoping you will one day become a musician. You have to focus on what you can achieve using the skills that you have or can acquire.
  3. Don’t choose your focus based on what your environment alone says because that may limit you. There are those who look at their immediate environment alone to choose their focus. When you look at your immediate environment alone to choose your focus, you will be limiting yourself. You are doing yourself a disservice if all you dream about or spend your energy working on is limited to your environment. Create the kind of focus that takes you even far beyond your immediate environment.
  4. Create a focus based on what will give you joy and fulfillment in life. More than anything else in life, we all want to be happy. If we are going to be happy in life, we then have to choose a focus for ourselves based on the things that will make us happy. It is one thing to have a gift or be teachable in certain things. It is another thing to be happy in that regard. Now check a combination of having the required skills and getting fulfillment from an activity. That will provide so much joy for you and you will just do things effortlessly.

Beginning from today, take a look at what you want to achieve in life, the skills you have and what will give you joy all your life. Create a focus based on these things and pursue those goals rigorously.

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