Achieving success through a positive mindset | Fola Daniel Adelesi

There are so many people out there who have what it takes to succeed except for a positive mindset. They have the skills. They have the experience and some of them have the right relationships to get into all the right places. Despite all that they have, they’re wondering why things aren’t working or some people around them are wondering why things aren’t working for them. You need to note that a positive mindset is a string that holds everything together.

I have seen a number of people who don’t have it all together but they’re making headway in life. I look at these people and wonder how they’re making progress despite all their setbacks and disadvantages. After a careful review, the only conclusion I can come to is that this person clearly demonstrates a positive mindset towards anything that needs to be done.

A negative mindset repels people. Consequently, if you exhibit a negative mindset, you may unconsciously repel some of the people that you need for the most important phases of your life. There is always someone that is crucial to your next move in life. Some of these people know it and some others do not know. However, when they hear you or relate with you, they may not be interested in doing anything with you or for you if you have a negative mindset.

What’s the negative mindset that you may exhibit to repel people? While there are several of them, they include:

  1. Small-minded thinking.
  2. The belief that you’re always right.
  3. The expectation that everyone must agree with you and do things the way you want it done.
  4. The assumption that whoever corrects you does not like you or is jealous of you.
  5. The belief that anyone who is nice to you wants something some you.
  6. Having a mind that always sees why something will not work
  7. Believing that nothing will work if you’re not in charge
  8. The belief that everyone and everything is against you.

These kinds of mindsets will not help you. Rather than help, they will put you at loggerheads with people always. You need to avoid that. Rather than the ones above, you need to keep an open mind and be willing to learn from others regardless of how much you assume you already know. Let me also share with you some of the mindsets I have seen that can help people. These are also some of the mindsets that employers, business owners and other people in life keep looking out for. They’re:

  1. A possibility mentality
  2. A willingness to learn
  3. The readiness to embark on a new task and seeing them as challenges
  4. Approaching every issue with a measure of flexibility

I have heard that some people will prefer to employ someone who is willing to learn before considering another person who has the skill but isn’t willing to learn. Sometimes, some people conclude that something cannot be done because they’ve done it in a certain way and it didn’t work. In fact, when you work with some people and you use the word impossible, you get fired.

Whether you work for people or you simply have to engage clients, it is important to keep a possibility mentality. Keeping a possibility mentality will endear you to more people and that way, you can get more jobs, recommendations, or contracts.

The possibility mentality I am talking about here isn’t the pretentious act saying you can deliver what you clearly cannot deliver or telling people you have the competencies that you do not have. This is about keeping the right attitude. When someone tells you something can be done, your next approach should be to explore the possibility of doing that thing and be open to learning how it can be done. You should immediately conclude that it cannot be done until you have tried. You need to make effort and when you make efforts without results, you’re not just coming that to say that you have now tried and nothing has worked. You’re coming back to say I have tried what I know. What else do you think I can try? How do I make this work? That shows you have the willingness and the right attitude towards getting things done.

Never forget that in many cases, keeping the right attitude will not come easy. It is going to be something that you will train yourself to do. You will need to discipline yourself to not focus on the negatives around you but the positives that can emerge. You will have to constrain yourself from always emphasizing what can go wrong to talk about what you can achieve if you do things the right way. All the circumstances may not initially agree with you but if you keep this attitude, it will be easier to work with people and you will be able to succeed.

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