Acquired Limitations | (C) Fola Daniel Adelesi

Acquired Limitations | © Fola Daniel Adelesi
When a child begins to learn how to walk, all that the child is interested in is just to be able to take the first steps on his or her own. The child does not know that there is anything like falling down or having broken arms or legs. The child just sees other people walking and becomes inspired or interested in walking. At that point when older people around see the child making a first attempt to get up and walk, most people raise an alarm, run towards the child and bring the child down. The child tries the process again and is brought down by the older person around. From there the child begins to feel there is something wrong with what shes trying to do and for a while stops attempting to do it. That was how we started learning limitations!
When I look back at the amazing innocence of children I sometimes begin to wonder what happened to us grownups who seem to know much more or seem to have more understanding. I would have thought that our increased knowledge would help us to be more daring and more strategic but from some of the things around, it appears that our increased knowledge helps a lot of people to become paranoid and less daring in their endeavours. We are supposed to grow wiser and be able to take more risks as we know more but I found out that more knowledge seems to impose more fears into many people.
When we were very small and did not know the implications of some of the things that we did, we appeared to be very fearless and approached a number of things casually. We did not just approach them casually, we did some of those things as if they had no consequences! Unfortunately when we began to grow older, so many people said to us too many times dont do this and dont do that we we did not have the courage to ask why or why not?
What we did not know is that as we grew older, some of us acquired more limitations by the too many things they told us never to do. Our parents, guardians and other loved ones put us into the comfort zones too many times than was necessary for our mind development. That is exactly why some of us today do not take any risk and do not attempt to do anything that seems strenuous. We have grown so used to the comfort zone and will not for any reason get out of that area but we still want to get the kind of results that people who are not in comfort zones are getting.
Some of us have grown really big and now have children and have, unfortunately, begun the process of inputting fears into the kids. They have also started acquiring limitations just as we did when we were younger!
Let me say that I am not asking us not to caution our babies and younger folks but many of us go way past the word caution and the only thing the kids are left with is fears and limitations. There is a different way to go about it. Some of the limitations we have in our minds right now are the limitations we learnt while growing up and we have to spend so much time and so much money unlearning the limitations.
We you see kids playing around, it is really amazing how they ignore their limits and some of them still get things done. One thing we can begin to do for them is to stop imposing limits on them especially in areas where they have seen no limitations. When we give them cautions in some areas, we have to take a step further by giving them double push in another area. As for us the grownups – who have learnt limitations over the years, we need to know that one of the reasons we are not where we want to be today is because of the limitations we have acquired over the years. Amazingly, some people still keep acquiring limitations even when they are not getting new skills.
I dare say to you, know your limitations, trace where you learnt them and unlearn them so that you can fully explore your potentials!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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