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So many of us have dreams and we still keep dreaming with only a little part of the dreams coming to pass. We sometimes have very tall dreams and anticipate that the dreams should come to pass because we have tall or ambitious dreams even while not taking actions commensurate to the dreams that we have!
We need to act very fast on our dreams! Some dreams just become dead because we do not act fast enough! Sometimes we also claim to act on the dream while all we are doing is just to talk about the dreams! Talking alone will not bring the dreams to pass and that is why we really need to act and act immediately!
One of the reasons you also must act fast on your dreams is because someone else might be working on the same thing that you are working on. Don’t ever assume that your idea is so unique so it belongs to you alone or you are the only one thinking that way. Stop that! You are not the only one thinking on that idea but the world will not recognize the first person to work on the idea! The world will only recognize and celebrate the first person to produce results! There are so many inventions today for which we celebrate the inventors but remember that they may not be the first to have worked on such ideas! That’s why we even have some legal battles in courts today over patent rights!
If we are ever going to get the life we bargained for or ever dreamed about, we must act very fast on the dreams and also work with people on it. Some of the ways you can work or act fast on your dreams include:
– Write down the dreams or ideas
– State the actions you need to take (sending emails, making phone calls, meeting with people, registering your idea, speaking with a lawyer, getting a business location, doing some publicity and o on)
– Put a deadline on each action (day, month, time)
– Share with a trusted friend or mentor
– Revisit the idea and fine tune to make it clearer.
Working on your dreams will require some sacrifices and you must be willing to make the sacrifices if the dreams will come to pass. You also have to make the sacrifices fast enough and not just wait for a convenient time. Your dreams will make demands of you and you should be willing to respond to the demands in order to get your desired results!
Dreams can be colourful and they can sound very nice but you will never be given credits for your very noble ideas! You will only be given credits for the actions taken that result in the implementation of the idea! Act fast on your dream and may God help you!
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