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Can you imagine that so many people expect to make it in life and they keep getting ideas but they never act on them? How are you supposed to make it in life if you don’t act on the ideas that you are getting? Some people think that they will make it through the jobs they have or through some other big means. They keep discarding the ideas on their minds and so they discard their real opportunities to make it in life.
If you don’t realize that no opportunity is too small for you to seize or act upon, then you probably are not ready for the big break you are talking about. Every opportunity must be seized. Every idea needs to be acted upon. And when you act on them, you should not act on them like they are small ideas. You have to act on them like they are the biggest thing on earth.
Those who have a small attitude towards their ideas because they think that it is a small idea will always have small results to show for it. But those who have a big attitude towards a small idea can make it bigger than anyone thinks. They will also eventually get big results for showing big attitude towards the idea. When I say ‘big attitude’ I mean treating the idea like it’s a big idea and putting all your efforts in it. Put all your emotions and passion. Don’t wait for the ideas that sound so big before you put in all your efforts.
It is important to also note that there are a number of times when big ideas first come in small forms. When we stay consistently on the small idea and we think about it long enough or act on it long enough, then the big parts of the ideas are unveiled. There are some ideas that you can immediately tell they will become big. There are other ideas that you never can tell what will come out of them except you first believe in them and stay on them.
I think that some people are also not acting on their ideas because they are comfortable where they are. They are getting regular income and someone can always be blamed when their salaries are not paid. So when they look at how they may have to struggle with new ideas, it is really hard for them to imagine. They don’t want to leave their comfort zone so they can act on any idea at all not to even talk about small ideas.
Some of the people who have risen to the top of the ranks in their various offices find it hard to leave and pursue new dreams that can take them farther than where they thought was their best achievement in life. There are some who are just starting in life and all they are thinking about is the fact that they do not have money and may not be able to sustain what they are about to start. Erroneously, they now think it is better not to start than start it and not be able to finish it.
You need to start what is on your mind. If you don’t start no one will know and it’s even more difficult for you to get help that way. You can start and along the line some other people will be interested in what you are doing. When they show interest they may come in as partners or they can just invest in your ideas.
Too many people have thrown away the very opportunity that they are looking for in life. They threw them away because when the ideas came, they did not look like the kind of ideas they were looking for. It is delusional to expect ideas to always come in big form. Guess what, when they even come in very big form, they may overwhelm us so much that we will never even start them. Money will then become the good excuse not to start them at all.
You never can tell how far that idea can take you. It may appear small today but I strongly advise that you start and make it work! You faith in the small ideas and positive attitude towards them might just be what will cause the explosion for those ideas.    

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