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In a busy world like ours, it’s so easy to focus on getting involved in an activity without necessarily looking at productivity and that’s often because we tend to mix up the differences in activity and productivity. Anybody can be doing anything and that’s just activity. Activity is simply about what you do while productivity is the result of what you are doing. In order to be so sure you are not just involved in an activity without being productive, you need to stop for a moment and check the results of what you are doing!
For many people, they work around the clock and nothing seems to be working and that’s only because they are involved in some activities that have never been reviewed for results. Sometimes you have to predetermine your results before getting involved in what you want to do. When you get into something with some predetermined results or expectations, you have a sense of purpose and all that you are doing will be focused on achieving the results you have set out to.
If you have made up your mind to work for someone, you really need to plan your productivity on the job. The issue of productivity is a little daisy so someone might easily think that he or she is being productive because of what they are doing for their employers! You may be productive for your employers but it does not mean you are being productive for yourself. If your employer has a target and you are meeting it, your employer will make money and will have a productive company but it does not mean you are achieving much!
You have to define your productivity in the different areas of your life and that will involve your family, personal finance and as well the structures of inheritance you want to leave for your children. What results do you want to have after working in a place for 10 years? Are you working towards just being able to pay your rent or you are bent on buying your own house before the tenth year of working for someone? Nobody wants to die young but what plans do you have for your young or new family that’s currently vibrant and full of hope about the future? Would you leave your wife clueless about what to do if anything goes wrong with you and for one reason or the other you just can’t support the family as you currently do? Will your children pull out of school to start begging for your survival to the detriment of their bright future?
Be assured that productivity is not working to make money or just having something to do! It’s in the results that you have and the plans you created working out satisfactorily to give you a better life. Review the work you are doing today or the activities you are involved in. will they get you to where you wanted to be when you were just dreaming about what to become? Remember, activity is what you do and productivity is at least a commensurate result compared to what you do!
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