Acts of Mad men – Fola Daniel Adelesi

One of the things that I quickly realized about succeeding in life is that you have to be single handedly and consistently mad enough to be able to do anything that you will need to do in life. If you think this is a weird concept then you need to see a few things that I have been thinking about that made me conclude that you also have to be doggedly mad and passionately stupid to be able to make it life.
Imagine that when God wanted to make you he saw nothing but he spoke to something was that that not madness? That was the genesis of the fact that if you need an exodus from the land of mediocrity that you need to take upon the seed of madness that was sown by the almighty himself at the inception of creation. He saw water but he said land should come out of water. He looked at the water and said it should be filled – when there was nothing in the water and there was no manufacturer – with living creatures.
He looked at the land and he said trees should start springing up. He looked at the ground and he said edible materials should start growing and that was potent enough to make every creature of his to be mad in order to succeed. When a man like Moses caught the madness he was told to stretch a rod across the water that the water would pathways. He gullibly did so like a drunk mad man. He had never see water split before yet he did not challenge God on the grounds of logic.
Another man got the seed of madness by way of omission or commission and he woke up one day to say that he wanted to discover places that have not been seen before so he started a journey. He said his name is Christopher Columbus but forgot to tell us that madness was his compound name. It was also a mad man that made it possible for you to be reading what you are reading right now because he woke up one day and thought he could make a device that will help people not to write on papers but by striking plastics what they intend to write will appear on something that looks like a tv. What would they have told him when he said to friends that he had a dream? Your guess is as good as mine! They must have told him, “you must be mad.” The guys who wanted to be the first to enter the moon must have been told that they are mad people and indeed they are mad because they didn’t even think about going to the ends of the earth but outside the earth!
When every sane person some hundreds of years ago said nothing metallic will fly in the air some mad men said it will work and the decided to test their madness but today many of us are flying because of the decision of some mad men. Today those mad men are called inventors.
I can go on and on to give you a catalogue of the acts of mad men but that will not do you as much good as telling you that beyond all reasonable doubts you must convince yourself of the need to be uniquely mad. After your madness begins to produce result then you will find people who believe in you despite the fact that you are mad. The unique thing about we mad people is that we dream too much and people abuse us yet when our dreams are kept alive we give the society a great hope.
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