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Sometimes when you set goals and you look at the things you have set, it will always feel like you can get it done when you stay committed to the goals you have set. I dare say that there are so many people who always set goals and they have the needed discipline but the reason they are not achieving the goals is because there is no measure of faith added to the goals.
You will soon find out that there are some goals that are beyond you even though they look very simple and easy to achieve. It is when you get started that you will realize there is more to those goals than just writing them down and thinking you can hit it like that.
When you do your homework properly with those goals and you add faith to it, you will realize that you can move faster with some of those goals. Those goals will be achieved not because you are smart but because of the input of divinity on your own efforts.
There is a role for you to play in everything as I always emphasize but the thing it that it is not only your effort that can get you to where you are going. Once you add faith to what you have set, things can happen before the set time. Apart from things happening before the set time, they can happen in a way that you don’t imagine.
So it is really possible to set goals and as you set out to achieve those goals you begin to see the hand of God in helping you to achieve those goals. You go out and you talk to people and you find them agreeing almost immediately. There may things you ought to spend time explaining but you will find that you are not doing too much of explanation.
You will get to some places where they will help you beyond what you are asking for and you yourself will not be able to explain why they are helping you that much. You ask for one thing and they are willing to give you two. You ask for two they bring four.
I feel there is the need to say this about those goals we are writing for a new phase or New Year so we don’t think that most of what we have set will just happen because we have written them down and we have started running around for them.
You have to believe that those goals can actually come to pass. In fact, what is the essence of setting goals that you don’t believe in? why set goals that you really don’t think can become a reality?
If you do not expect something to become a reality then take it off the list. You don’t believe in it so it is best to have it taken off. You can have all the things you want not just because you wrote them down but because you also believe that it will happen.
As you go about your goals in this New Year or new phase, add faith to those goals and watch things happen.

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