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There’s a very wise counsel you will find in the book of Proverbs 4:7. It says wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom; and in all thy getting, get understanding. It did not say that gift is the principal thing. In the same proverbs where gift was referred to (Proverbs 18:16), it says that a man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men. That means your gift will only bring you before great men but there is more to succeeding and remaining successful than the gift.
It is for that reason we have been counsel to get wisdom and to get understanding in all our getting. You need to understand that your gift is important but that is why some people will hate you. They will not want you to excel with that gift. They can do everything humanly possible for you not to be able to use that gift.
There are people who are deaf and dumb today and I believe that they could have been destined to be great orators. How can they use the oratory skill if they cannot speak? When you have identified your skill or your gift, you must add wisdom to it because of the people around you. You have to apply wisdom so that you can get to where you are going.
If you are the type that was always talking before you identified your gift, many will forget that you have always been outspoken before identifying the gift. They will simply say you now talk because of the gift and will attribute your outspokenness to arrogance. If you have always wanted to give but you never had, they will say it is arrogance when you start giving because your gift has made room for you.
People can be funny. It is amazing how so many can be your friend and will always be there for you just before you found your gift. The moment you find your gift some of them will just start walking away. That’s when some other people will also think you are rude. Everything that other people are doing and no one is paying attention will become an offence when it is done by you.
It can be a great thing to have a gift but to work with the gift and succeed with it also comes with some responsibilities and burden. You can’t talk anyhow, eat anyhow, behave anyhow, relate with just anyone or go just anywhere. Be very careful with other people around you in matters relating to your gift. It is not all of them that like you for the gift regardless of all the commendation that they are giving.
On your own part, you must never let the gift get into your head. You have to be sure that you remain focused rather than getting distracted by the recommendations or accolades. Sometimes you even have to avoid the public. You should not speak in every occasion. This is important because if a man is not careful, the same gift that was meant to bring him before kings can take him to the grave in a short while.
There will be oppositions because of your gifts and people will bring up baseless accusations but you must be mature enough to handle things well. You must never give them a tangible reason to speak up against you. There should be nothing for people to hold unto against you. Once that is settled, every other thing they say will not count because you are playing your part well and adding maturity to your gift.
Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that all you need in life is your gift. If you do not add wisdom and understanding you will probably not be able to use that gift as you expect. This life has great and amazing opportunities for those who have great gifts. It also has some terrible traps for those who have great dreams. You can choose which path you will follow not just by having the gift but by adding or deliberately and ignorantly refusing to add maturity – wisdom and understanding.

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