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Every New Year witnesses the making or writing of a new resolution but half way into the first month of the year, January, most people have either forgotten completely about the resolution or are already tired of struggling to keep it.
Many of those who even say they have a New Year resolution have actually not written them down. I think you need to know that anything you do not write down may not have as much effect on you as it should. That’s one of the first mistakes people make in deciding a resolution for the New Year.
A written resolution can actually become a plan when you attach goals and deadlines to it. So if you have some resolutions already I suggest you take it a step further by adding goals and deadlines to those resolutions and staying with it until it becomes a reality.
Remember that the resolution is mainly about the things you intend to change in yourself. So don’t expect the resolution made to change you on its own. It is your responsibility to commit to changing in the areas where you have made a resolution.
Well I have some that I will like you to add to whatever resolution you have already made because I am sure this will help you. So my own suggested resolutions are:
1. I will stay positive throughout the year.
2.Detractors will not get me off track.
3.Whatever I can do to help others in anyway will be done.
4.Running others down is not part of the politics this year.
5.I am staying of things or people that don’t add value because they will eventually take the one I already have.
6.This is a year when I will not do things without a mentor.
7.To get more I will give more because life is about sowing.
Those are the resolutions I will want you to add to what you already have. You may want to write them out in some sticky notes and put them in some places where you can see them or better still print this out and work with it.
I should also remind you or say to you that when you make a resolution it should not be for the first month of the year alone. You have to keep it all through the year and constantly review your resolutions throughout the year.
Any made and written resolutions should typically be reviewed or at least revisited twelve times in a year. Why is that? There are twelve months in a year and if you revisit the resolutions every month to see how well you are doing, it means you would have visited the resolutions twelve times through the year. if you make resolutions in this manner it will be closer to reality and you will not feel bad about making one in a new year only to end up breaking it.

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