Adjusting till death? | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

I once heard the story of how a frog can instantly jump out of a situation and how it can adjust to the same situation. If you start boiling water and you throw the frog into the water thats already boiling, the frog will jump out immediately. But if you throw the frog into a very cool water and you start boiling gradually, the frog will adjust to the temperature gradually until it eventually dies.
What situations have you been adjusting to that you are supposed to jump out of? There are so many things that we seem to get used to just because they did not happen to us suddenly. We dont realize the weight or the consequence of adjusting to such things in our lives.
Some people have adjusted to abusive relationships. Others have been adjusting to abusive bosses just because they think they cannot get another job elsewhere. I have seen some people work in the most inhumane conditions all because they think there is no job out there or that it is okay to stick to something. They think that half bread is better than none.
While I teach consistently on the need to persevere and be patient in life, I do not, for whatever reason, teach that people should not open their eyes and know that they are killing themselves or suffering for no reason while they think they are persevering.
Dont adjust to the life situations that will kill you just because the issue of death is not pronounced in it. It is important to adjust to situations in life but in your own case, what are you adjusting to? Why are you adjusting to what you are adjusting to?
There are those whose situations may not even kill them physically but by the time they are done adjusting to their situations, their minds would have been dead. That means they were ignorantly adjusting to situations that gradually killed their minds. Once a mans mind is dead, the man is as good as dead. All his creativity and ability to dream would have been killed. No matter how hard things get for you, never adjust to a situation that will kill your mind and your creative ability to either dream or hope again.
You need to know that some things will come your way in life just to take away your strength to persevere or your strength to hold on. There may be times when you lose physical strength. It happens. No one can retain the same level of strength all through life. We all have a way of retreating and making sure we regain lost strength. Even at that, we know that the most important thing is not the lost strength. The more important thing is the mind behind the strength.
Sometimes we are like the batteries of cell phones or other devices. It is okay for the battery to run down. There is no problem with that. The only time there is a real problem is when you get to where you are to charge the battery, you have the chargers and there is electricity, and the battery refuses to charge.
In your pursuits in life, you will meet people who seem interested in you and are also trying to help you through the challenging times. Unfortunately what some of them want to do to you is to help you adjust to the situations that will kill you. As you share your dreams with them and you pursue those dreams, they tell you to take it easy. They ask you to slow down. They remind you of how many other people are taking it easy until you give up the pursuit of worthy ambitions and remain a mediocre in life.
You have a choice to remain committed and never adjust to situations that kill you. Don’t adjust to situations that will weaken or kill your mind gradually or to gradually slow down on those pursuits, give up slowly and then begin to adjust physically. Don’t be like the frog that can adjust to situations that creep in but reacts to sudden situations. What are you adjusting to today? Are those things going to help you or kill you? Watch them and be sure you are adjusting to the right things.

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