Admiring your courage – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Whenever you think about going back there some things that can help you to take a second thought on not going back on the things that you have started. Some of these things include the admiration of other people who are watching the things that I do. There are times I feel like giving up and just I begin to think about giving up I begin to see people who tell me how much they like the things I am doing and they also keep talking about how they really wish they had my kind of courage.
Each time they talk about courage I just start thinking about what is really going on in my mind. Just at the time they think that I am a really courageous person I say to myself, “do these people really know that I just taught about quitting?”
We need to always look at some of the people who admire what we do because I have found out that there is a whole lot of strength that comes from people’s admiration for our strengths. Sometimes what other people see in us are not really strengths but because we have stayed longer than they expect anyone to stay we begin to win their admiration.
Now that you know you can always draw strength from the admiration of people make sure you take advantage of it but never live your life depending absolutely on people say or never say to you. There are times we just keep moving not because we really have the strength to go on but because people look at us and they think we must be different and we do not want to give up right in the face of the people who think we are different.
In all of our lives people’s opinions will trail us from time to time and from one activity to another but we must not learn to live by the opinions except for situations where the opinions can propel us. Think about a situation where a friend says, “I think you are good with comedy.” That’s an opinion and it’s an opinion that can propel your life if you are truly good with comedy. If someone says you are a very good public speaker you should know that the person is expressing an opinion and if that is what you are really good at then you had better start working on it because it will help you to move on to greater heights.
Sometimes the other peoples’ admirations for us are like winds beneath our wings that are struggling to strike a balance in life. There are times when the birds are trying to fly high but there a great problem because they need to winds to help them and it seems not to be coming. As soon as they get the wind then they soar high again.
Sometimes what we need is just a bit of admiration for what we do to get us going in life. Take advantage of the encouragements from people to propel yourself in life. Stop focusing on the things that are negative about you. Stop focusing on the things that are not too encouraging about you. Focus on your strength and soar on with the winds of inspiration coming from the admiration that you get from the peope who never knew that you were planning to give up. Some people might just give you the greatest encouragement at the time you are almost concluding that you are a loser. Don’t tell them you were already thinking like a loser! Just take advantage of the admiration and ride on!

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