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I was listening to Inspiration FM this morning when Titi the dynamite on her show read an email that she received from a young lady simply named C.O. Her email was very touchy and got everyone on the emotional side. The society and especially our parents keep telling us to get a good degree and make it look like getting a good degree will put your life on auto pilot. That was exactly what this lady did but read on to find out why hers is more emotional.
This young lady went to school and studied biochemistry but came out with a third class degree. After the third class degree, she went ahead to serve the country under the one year compulsory National Youth Service Corps. She finished the service and tried to get a job but no one was willing to give her a job because of her class of degree. After trying for a while she made a tough choice.
Her tough choice was to go back to school for another four years and this time to study a course that she likes better than biochemistry. She decided to study Business Administration. On her return to school, she became very studious and almost having no other life apart from school and reading. Finally after four years again, she made first class from business administration.
She would have thought that the real issue initially was because she made a third class and could not get a job but now she made a first class but she still could not get a job. She has tried all the places possible and could not get a job. She wrote some internet tests and heard nothing. She also got so close to having a phone interview at one time. She was asked why she just finished school and already had the NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) certificate about four years earlier? She explained having two degrees but that was the last time she heard from the company! Another issue now is that she had turned 29 after her second degree and most companies are looking for people younger than 25!
When the presenter read her email I can tell that everyone felt so moved. The phone lines opened for discourse on this and a few people called in to advise her. A few others called in wanting to get her contact details and hoping they can give her a job.
This for me is just a reminder of one salient issue. While all the degrees are good, you need to know that there is something much more important than the degrees. I have seen people who have their PhD and they are still looking for jobs. I also think this buttresses the fact that it is not your degrees that will actually give you your desired life and it cannot put your life on auto pilot.
You can do all that you think people will need in order to give you an approval in life but will be surprised that the approval will still not come. You may have met all the requirements but the jobs may still not come and life may still not give you a chance.
Here’s what I think you have to do. Don’t always wait on life to give you a chance. If you do, you probably will spend the most important part of your life looking for people’s approval when you can give yourself a chance. What can you do for yourself? What skills can you trade with? Rather than just waiting for other people’s jobs, can you think about something that will also make you an employer and not just a job seeker?
Think on these things and give yourself a chance rather than just waiting for life to give you a chance!
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