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Today the almighty God has been so gracious to me and has allowed me to see three great and interesting decades in life. I am indeed very grateful as I reflect on my life. Coming this far can only be God.
Today I can look back on the many times that I would have died but God preserved me. Was it the many averted road accidents or the domestic ones that could have claimed my life?
It is easy for the human flesh to see more of what has not been done or achieved. And indeed, I see many of my colleagues who seem to have gone far ahead. While I am tempted to think of such lofty heights attained by my peers, I am quick to realise that the only reason I can even think about what I have achieved or not is because I am alive.
So it is common sense to just thank God and be very grateful for life. I am alive and in good health. I don’t just have good health, I have enjoyed divine health in several years! I don’t ever recall being admitted to any hospital or being confined to a sick bed. I have a clear and sound mind which is why I can conceive ideas, crystallize my thought, communicate them and strategize to achieve them.
Should I not be grateful for the wonderful family I am blessed with? I have a wife that is fair to look upon and a cheerful daughter that can force laughter out of metal lips. The family has had three tough years but in all, we are still standing, waxing stronger and pressing towards the mark.
Now after three decades, I am forced to reflect on the purpose of this life. This is a sacred life that was born to talk. While it seems that simple you will see from the works so far that it is not mere talk. It is the kind of talk that changes people’s lives.
Interestingly as I write this, I am on my way to deliver two trainings even though it is my birthday. So I don’t find it hard to sacrifice a personal moment for the purpose of this very life.
In the bid to achieve the purpose of this life, I have had my fair share of struggles and serious challenges. It has been tough and I have been learning. I have not given up, though I have reasons to, and I am not giving up any time soon or ever going to give up. Many see my very calm face but have no idea what I have dealt with or have to deal with just to keep going.
Now, more than ever before, I am committed to the purpose of this life. I am going to face all that is required to help someone out there see the purpose of his or her life and also achieve it. I believe I was born because you were born ~ meaning my purpose is to help you achieve your own purpose in life.
I have also learnt in these three decades the following things:
1. To be very humble regardless of position, resources and achievements
2. You don’t have all the time to do what you want to do but you have the time to do what needs to be done
3. Many will spend their time chasing what looks good and never find the purpose of their lives or make a meaning out of it.
4. It is a waste of time to fight other people so I have completely lost the energy to fight anyone.
5. What you are going through can be very tough but it will never be strong enough to stop you from achieving what you desire to achieve.
6. Be strategic enough to work with the right people for in leveraging on people’s time, resources and positions you give yourself a flight in life.
7. Life will always be good and bad. We can, at different times have a fair share of both but the one we enjoy the more is absolutely our choice!
These seven simple points sum up my life lessons and I hope there is something in it that you find useful for yourself as well.
If God tarries, I look forward to seven more decades in divine health, divine wisdom, divine provisions, divine acceleration and uncommon grace since I have been privileged to be born in the month of grace.
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