Align your confession with your action | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

One thing that is easy for people to do is to make a confession about what they want to do or become in life. You hear them spill out a long list of things that should happen to them. They seem to believe what they are saying and they say it passionately. After a while, nothing seems to happen and they begin to wonder why nothing is happening.
There are not too many people who align their confessions with their actions. If you really want to see results, you need to ensure that there is an alignment between your confession and your action. Why is that so? It is the alignment of your confession and your action that determines your direction.
Don’t just have a long list of things to confess on a daily basis while there are not actions to be taken daily. As a matter of fact, when you bring two people together and you try an experiment, you will see something that will amuse you. Get someone who will constantly make a confession and get another person who will get into action daily. Watch them over time and see who gets the job done!
While it is very nice to always confess what you want to get out of life, it is very important to not limit yourself to the confession. What are you doing daily to make those things happen? When you wake up daily to say that you will not be a jobless man or woman, what are you doing to ensure that you are gainfully employed?
I hear so many people saying they will be rich in life. If you want to be rich what are the things that you are doing that will make you become rich just as you have confessed.
Many times, we say what we want but our actions do not match our confessions. When our actions do not match our confessions, we can never get the desired results. Stop wondering why your confessions have not been working. Just go and do the needful.
If you believe so much in the confessions that you will even write it down and read it daily, you need to go a step further and also write what you have to do daily. I don’t expect that you will get anything different from what you want if your daily actions are matched with your daily confession. Until you have done that, you are simply wasting your time.
If I strongly desire to become a great entrepreneur, I must sit and plan what business I want to get into. I have to state how I am going to get the money to start the business and also show a plan to keep the business going. It will also be necessary to meet a few people who are already in that business so I can see what they are doing and how I can do mine. When I now talk about becoming a great entrepreneur, it is at least clear how I intend to do so.
It is easy for anyone to just open the mouth and speak but corresponding actions will ultimately determine the result. 

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