Always put your vision before you | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Some people say, ‘out of sight is out of mind.’ I think that to a large extent they are very correct. One of the reasons people make resolutions and don’t follow through is probably because they had the resolutions in their heads and never wrote it down in order to commit to it.
The human mind is preoccupied with so many thoughts to handle. If you don’t use organisers or planners and reminders, you may find that you keep getting new thoughts each day and you don’t follow through with any one of them.
Unfortunately when you find yourself in a group discussing ideas, you may start talking to them about how you have so many wonderful ideas. The next question to you may be, ‘what have you done with those ideas?’ It may be embarrassing but the truth will be in your face that you haven’t done anything with those ideas. Why did that happen or why did you let all those opportunities in form of ideas slip?
To start with, those ideas you call dreams that can form a part of your vision are hardly before you. When you place an idea or a dream before you all the time, and you remind yourself of what needs to be done daily in order to achieve that dream, you will find yourself achieving bit by bit until the big dream has been achieved.
How do you put your dream or vision before you always? Does this mean you have to carry a paper and put in on your forehead? Do you have to carry a badge on your chest all the time to talk about your dream? Must you always have a paper in your hand that talks about your dreams?
Well, you may not need to go that far but what you need to do is not too far from that. To start with, I always encourage people to write their dreams, visions and goals. Once you have written them, it is also nice to have them duplicated in some small sticky notes. When you turn on your system, let the sticky notes be in your face reminding you of your dreams. If you get into your room, let the notes about your dreams and visions be there by the bed side. Before getting out of your room daily, make sure you see it behind the door.
As you turn on your mobile phones and tablets, there should be something there that reminds you of your dreams daily, weekly or monthly. You must not allow your vision to become something you remember only once in a while. It has to be something that is on your mind always.
What you keep in your mind is what is important to you. What you make effort not to forget is something that you really want. However, you must go beyond making the effort not to forget about the vision. You need to make the effort to daily achieve the vision.
I have met with too many people who have one vision or the other but only remember the visions when they see other people achieving theirs.
From today, please put your vision before you always and make daily effort to achieve the dream.

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