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One of the saddest stories of failures that we have amongst us today or that we may have heard about at any point in time is a case of ambition … without knowledge! You cannot solely fly on the wings of ambition regardless of how lofty it seems. It’s like flying without a compass and low visibility at the same time! What that means is that you do not know where you are going (compass gives direction) and cannot even see clearly (visibility helps you travel fast and safely).
Immediately you get what your ambition really is, you have to be patient to equip yourself to a level before setting out on the ambition. You must not run with ambition without added knowledge. Sometimes if you begin to learn about those things that are your ambitions right now, you will realize that you may not want to go ahead with some things or that it is not yet time to move on. You have to be patient and learn while waiting so that you don’t just launch out and crash immediately.
If you desire to become the President of a nation, begin to learn what is expected of presidents and find out what real Presidents have done to transform their nations. If you want to become a Governor, prepare very well for it. Don’t just go with the ambition. Sometimes people think they are ready for something just because they have ambition and then they get into it only to realize that they are not in any way prepared.
I have also seen people who started companies with very little knowledge about management and customer service! What kind of company are you going to run when you don’t know how to manage people or treat customers right? Some are even worse when compared to those who have little knowledge. They think and always assume that they know but they do not know anything and have been walking with false knowledge!
Change your gear today! If you have ambition in anything or any field, start out by learning something regarding your ambition. Learn from several years of experience by reading the research of other people. See the works they have turned out and how they went about it. Get mentors in the areas of your ambition and let them speak to you about ways to achieve without struggling as much as others are doing. If you continue with ambition without knowledge, you are bound to crash land because it means you can’t see properly and you have no guidance!
Start learning today in the area of your ambition so as to travel faster and safely.
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