An encouragement to wait | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Sometimes when you have to wait, the waiting may be very hard and frustrating but the usually unseen part of the waiting process is that things are being fixed. You may think that you are wasting your time and may want to get going quickly but you don’t see the great things happening even to your own advantage.
As young people, we could hardly wait a while for things to happen. We wanted everything quickly and instantly. We didn’t want to waste time at all. That also happened a few times when we tried to plants things. We just couldn’t wait for some of the fruits we planted to grow on their own.
I remember planting a mango seed as a kid and after a while I went to uproot it since not much was happening. I think I kept it back into the ground only for me to uproot it with the little leaves that shot out because of my excitement. I also remember planting some maize seeds and in some days some leaves where coming out. You can say out of curiosity or ignorance I tried to find out what was going on in the soil as well.
Now think of those seeds that went into the ground. When we don’t see leaves or fruits coming out of the ground, we usually think nothing is happening. That is not the truth. While we are waiting or while the seed itself is waiting in the ground, so much is happening to the seed. The first, amond other things is that it will decay, mix with the soil, produce a new seed and begin to take roots in the ground.
To the ordinary eyes nothing is happening but the waiting period of the seed in the ground is what is actually preparing it for the days of harvest and the day someone will finally take that fruit and say, ‘it takes really good.’
Now you may also be in your waiting period and this is an encouragement for you to really wait and not think that nothing is happening. While you are waiting, your patience is being tried and your strength of character is being tested. Your ability is being developed and a few jabs may be thrown at you. That is because you will soon get to a time when you must be able to say what you have been through or what happened to you while you are waiting.
If you also withstand the pressure to not quit waiting, you qualify yourself more for bigger things. There are a few things, in fact, not few but many things in life that can only be entrusted into the hands of those who have gone through a waiting process.
Therefore, while you are waiting right now, it may look like what you are waiting for is not worth the waiting. Think beyond the immediate thing you are waiting for. That is what you have to do because every waiting experience delivers much more than it seems to offer physically.
At the end of the day, your waiting will be worth your while but as I always suggest, waiting does not mean doing nothing. You need to wait on God and wait patiently but there are obligations for you to fulfil while waiting. Ensure you go through with your waiting process rather than quit. There is more in it for you than you can imagine.

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