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We all have had several opportunities to walk with God and build a strong relationship with him in order to understand what he wants us to do with our lives but not all of us have truly maximized that opportunity. We are in another year now and we really can begin to restructure things to as well have a rethink about how we want to run things this year. In the past we may have run things in our own way and may have struggled so much with getting them done but we can change all of that this year. I have come to the knowledge of the fact that when you walk with God and let him tell you what to do, things are a lot easier more importantly because he created you and knows what he had in mind for you.
It’s possible that we got so many things wrong before but we now have another opportunity to set the record straight and not just focus on what we got wrong in the past. A few days ago I was out doing something and a message came to me while doing that thing. I needed to burn the grass that had been cleared in front of our new apartment in order to make it tidy. I gathered the grass and just threw in a match box! After a while the fire spread all over the grass and I was beginning to feel the heat so much that I could not easily get close. At some point it dawned on me that I was the one who started the fire and now I cannot get close to it! What if the was the fire that the Bible was talking about as hell fire which was created by God? I could say I truly became humble because of that thought and I had to say to myself, ‘Heaven is real and Hell is real but we all have a choice regarding where we want to go.’
We cannot afford to miss all the glorious things that will happen in Heaven as stated in the Bible but the only way we will not miss all of that is to be heavenly conscious in the things we do and walk with God in a different light.
I have to say here that being conscious of heaven does not really mean that you go to church, pray all the time and look so spiritual! Being heavenly conscious is in the thoughts, speech and attitude. What do you think about all the time? What do you talk about and how do you talk to people around you? What your attitude like? We all can look so gentle and so holy but our thoughts may be so wicked and we may have hidden attitudes that should not be known to the public! We have that chance to set things right since we are just beginning another year!
Do you really want to live a meaningful life? Then you have to walk with God this year because he has given you another opportunity to do so! It was not by your power that you got here and you could not have preserved yourself but God did! If therefore it was God who preserved you then it is common sense to just stick with him and also focus on reigning with him in His kingdom! Your struggles might just be a lot easier this year when you consider walking with and as well working for God. Go around this year bearing in mind that you simply have another opportunity to walk with God and take advantage of it.
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  1. I agree with what you say in this post, with the state that the world is in right we all need a walk with God. We also need to form a better relationship with him as that is what gives our hearts contentment. I am a Muslim blogger, and hopefully you’ll check out my site. Until then, keep up the great work!

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