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When you look at the economic situation around, it is so easy for people to become anxious. When goals are not being achieved and dreams are being shattered, we all seem to have genuine reasons to be worried. It just seems like the natural thing to do especially when we come to terms with the fact that we have been doing our best and not much has changed.
As a child of God, if you know and understand that you are, you have no reason to worry. All you should do is to go back to the word of God. God himself says in Jeremiah 29:11 that he knows the thoughts that he thinks towards us. He said it is the thought of good and not of evil to give us a future and an expected end.
With that coming directly from God, I just let all the anxiety go to rest. The one who owns the universe in his hands and can control it as he wants has made the best statement anyone can make in a world with no certainties. I also know that the statement is all I need because he says something and I can hold unto what he says. It will happen just as he says it and nothing will change.
The promise is that he will give me a future and an expected end! What else am I to worry about? Is it not the future that we mostly worry about? Don’t we worry about what we want to become in life and how we are going to get our degrees? Is our worry not centred around getting good jobs and great life when we are done with school? We want to be able to afford a very decent home even if it is not flashy our luxurious. We would like to be able to pay all our bills when due without any embarrassment. We don’t want our wives or kids harassing us before we can meet the needs in the house.
If those are the basic things that get us anxious then we have been told by God, who has everything figured out that he has a future and an expected end for us. The only reason you can remain anxious is if you have not accepted God’s ultimate offer for life. His offer was to send his son to die for us so that we can be redeemed and once redeemed, he takes over. If you are already redeemed and you are still worried then it means that doubt has already set in. so doubting that God will take care of what he has already promised to take care of can be your greatest undoing.
You also need to remember His word says that without faith it is impossible to please God. We all can do two things and those things show where our loyalty lies; either with God or with his enemies. We can show faith which means we trust God more or show fear which mean we seem to be more concerned about what the enemies of God or the devil can do.
If you are exercising faith, especially when you are playing your part daily, then what you should have is hope in all situations. But when you are exercising fear then you will always have reasons to be anxious.
That means you don’t know who holds the future or who holds your future. I know who holds my future. I have an idea of what he has planned into it. My life is an unfolding wonderful story just as yours is. There may be a couple of chapters that don’t appear pleasing to the readers but it always ends well because the almighty is the author and the finisher of our fate.
Do you know what makes that really soothing? Human beings can only be authors but only God can be the finisher! Halleluiah! Men can create a story of what they think your life should be or how they think it should start and finish but only God can create, sustain and implement the plan.
I have no reason to worry or be anxious and you don’t as well because the author and the finisher of your fate is in charge. Live with the confidence that you are a child of God if you have accepted Jesus into your life. If you have not then you need to accept Jesus because this kind of confidence comes only with your salvation. Live without fear because the one who controls heaven and earth has told you what your end will be.   

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