Appetite for risk taking | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

If our daily lives were to be summarised in one word, I think that ‘risk’ will not be out of place. Everything we do on daily basis involves one risk or the other and there is no way we can survive without those risks that we face daily.
That is why it is so amusing to me when I find people who do not want to take any form of risk or are just too afraid to take a risk yet they want to succeed. They want to make it big and be celebrated like all the famous people that they know.
If there is another secret that I know about becoming a huge success, it will be the appetite to take risk. This may not sound like what you are used to but if you really want to excel or get things done in life, it might be very hard to do that if you don’t have the appetite to take risks.
The way I will even like to describe it is that you have to want it like you want your food. There are too many people out there who are sitting down because they don’t know what will happen if they tried something out and it does not work.
Lots of people are too afraid to fail and because of that they will not even move an inch away from where they are. They want things to happen in the safest environment and in the easiest ways.
You will be shocked that things don’t happen that way. You have to take a risk by stepping out daily. You need to take a risk by investing your time, energy and even resources into certain things even though you don’t have any guarantee on the results that you will get for those investments. You know you may gain half or gain all and in some cases, lose all. Yet, the possibility of loss does not deter you. it even propels you to be a bit smarter on how you take your risk and not lose everything.
Anyone who does not want to take a risk and has no appetite for risk may not amount to much or even achieve much so long as the risk stands between them and their dreams.
Dreams will always be waiting for you at the other side. You will be celebrated if you achieve those dreams but between you and those dreams that will make you famous and celebrated and risks to be taken.
Sam Adeyemi once said, ‘Since you are going to think on daily basis and it is not a matter of choice, think big.’
For example, sleeping inside a particular house is a risk. Anything can go wrong while sleeping. Stepping out of the house is a risk. Something can happen to you as you step out. Entering a car is a risk. You don’t have a guarantee that the car will not be involved in an accident. Flying in a place is a risk. Yet we take all these risks on daily basis and a few of them involves our lives.
But when it comes to taking risks for our dreams and ideas, we run away. We don’t want to take risks and sometimes forget that life itself is a risk.
That is why I want to summon the courage to tell you that since you are going to take risks everyday of your life, increase your appetite for risk and take big risks. Yes! The big one that scares people so much that they think you are not alright. Some may even begin to ask you if all is well with you but you know that the only reason you have not achieved your dream so far is not because the dreams cannot be achieved but because you stood still on one side, looked at the dream on the other side and didn’t have enough courage to take the risk between you and your dream.
Always remember that you don’t have a choice than to take risks daily. So since you will be taking risks daily, don’t leave yourself to risks that are imposed on you by circumstances and environment.
What I am simply saying is that if you really want to succeed, you will have to take a risk deliberately. And if you take a risk deliberately for small dreams, you will get small results. If you take a risk for big things then you get big results. Take a decision now and remember that every day of life is also a risk.

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