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There are too many people who are struggling in places where they ought not to be found at all. That is why I started thinking about the thriving place. There is a place for every man to thrive and when I checked the words that could be used in place of thrive, I found words like flourishing, prosperous, booming, blooming, blossoming and successful. These are all nice words and everybody will like these words to be used for him or her at some point. It may look as if you are very far from those words at the moment but then we really need to ask if you are in your thriving place.
If you are not in your thriving place then you should not expect to flourish, or prosper or boom or blossom. You will only continue to struggle because that is not where you are supposed to be. If you ever want to succeed you will have to go back to your thriving place. Have you ever seen a fish on the dry land? It keeps struggling all the time. It wriggles from one point to the other ceaselessly. It becomes messed us in the sand and at some point it will become frustrated. When the fish becomes frustrated it will stop struggling and at that point it is bound to die. If by the stroke of a miracle the fish gets a savior that pick it up and returns it into the water, you will see the same fish flourishing rather than struggling. Just like the fish on the dry land, if you are not in the right place you will realize that you continually struggle and there will be no sign of rest coming your way.
Still talking about fishes, they are supposed to flourish in water but it will be amazing to you when you realize that some fishes cannot flourish in just any kind of water. You may put some fishes in ponds and they will grow to their natural sizes. You may also put some fishes in aquariums and they will grow to their real size with their colours coming out. If you try the same thing with a whale you will never get the same result. It has been said that when you put a whale in an aquarium it will never exceed a certain length no matter how long it stays there. But when you take it out of the aquarium and put it in an ocean, not even a pond, it will quickly grow to its real size of over ten to twenty feet. What it implies is that you don’t just have to been in a place that looks like the right place. It must really be the right place for you. It has to be your thriving place. Even though fishes will always thrive in water, whales do not thrive in just any water!
You are sometimes like fishes that will only excel in a given place. In some other cases, you are also like the whale that will not only excel in that given place but the given place must have some specifications. Now the question is, ‘what is your thriving place?
1. Your thriving place is your place of natural competence (ability, talent, skill.) That place where you will do anything you are asked to do easily. You will never struggle to do it when you are asked to do it.
2. Your thriving place is also a place that has been prepared for you. If you keep trying to occupy a place that has been prepared for someone else you will always have people who will come around and ask you to leave when the person it was prepared for arrives.
3. Your thriving place can also be a terrain that you have mastered and developed core competence in. This one is different from the first point in that the first point is a natural ability. In this case, you studied it. You learnt over time. You mastered the terrain and can now succeed in it.
If you are not in any category mentioned above then you may need to have a rethink about the place you are in at the moment. I am sure you do not want to continue to struggle, trying so many things and nothing seems to be working. What you have to do is simple. Ask yourself about your competence first and begin from there.
When you start working with your competence, it will not be hard to find your thriving place. Start with your competence today and move to your thriving place in life!
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  1. This is quite well thought through. Keep up the good work as we all need to locate that thriving place which will eventually help us reach our place of Destiny. Interesting!

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