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It’s always great to experience the innocence of childhood; when we spoke forth without the knowledge of obstacles that can stop our dreams or fear of economic monsters restraining us from achieving those tall dreams. Our hearts were sincere and the passion was genuine. It was what we really wanted to become that we said we would become. Fast forward to your adult life now. Are you living those childhood dreams of yours?
Maybe I should even ask which of those childhood dreams you played with in your mind. What did you write on the list when your were asked what you wanted to do in future? How many times did you also change your mind about those dreams or did you stick to just one dream?
Many people wanted to become doctors? Others wanted to become engineers. There were those who wanted to be lawyers. At some point some of us dream about becoming the president of the nation. Those were the professions or the dreams in vogue as I grew up. If yours was different please let me know. These were some of the professions that parents were proud of and would gladly introduce any of their children in that field.
So what happened to that childhood dream if you are not fulfilling yours at the moment? Was it that you lost your parents and could not continue with your education? Did the loss of a loved one or guardian affect the pursuit of your dreams? I am indeed sorry about your loss if you lost anyone but I should also be honest with you. That loss could have caused a set back but it was not strong enough to stop you completely from achieving those dreams. If you still have those dreams in your heart you can still make moves towards achieving the dreams.
Was it a consciousness of your academic strength or weakness that made you change your mind? I think I will be glad to hear that you discovered something else that you were strong at and you went for it. I hope it was not a teacher in school who dashed your hope by saying you were dull and couldn’t amount to much in life. Did you end up listening to that teacher?
By now we all know, I presume you’ve heard, the story of Ben Carson who was referred to as a dull student in class. What do you think those teachers who said he was dull would be saying about him right now? If the conclusions of other people have already halted the pursuit of your childhood dreams, shake them off right now! Pick up those dreams wherever you left them and continue. The point you have to prove is not to those who said you could not amount to much but to yourself; that you can become whatever you chose to be.
Renewing the pursuit will also show that no kings and no lords can stop you from arriving at the destination of your imagination. I have always been a strong dreamer myself. Not all my childhood dreams are being accomplished and the others are still on course. By virtue of understanding, I also made some of those dreams bigger, more appealing and with better strategies to achieve them and impact people.
I dreamt about being a lawyer. I dreamt about acting. I dreamt about writing and speaking in great places. There are also dreams that I picked up along the line. The writing and speaking dreams are on course. What about yours? I believe you can still achieve them if only you revisit them. So tell me, what’s happening to your childhood dreams? Are you living them? Are they dead? Can they be resuscitated?

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