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Can you picture, for a moment, a man who’s driving a car and keeps going for a very long time without stopping? At some point you probably have the chance to join this man in his car and you got talking so you found out how long he’s been driving and you really want to know where he’s going but at that point you realize that he’s just going and has no defined destination! He keeps going and the only thing that will stop him is if the engine stops working! Fortunately for him he has some money so if he looks at the fuel gauge and realizes that the fuel in the tank is small all he need to do is to turn into one of the numerous filling stations on the highway but after buying the fuel he resumes his very long journey with no predefined destination but he thinks he is making progress! When most people take the time to reflect on their lives they will realize that they are doing exactly what this man is doing! What the man is doing appears foolish and many of us will be quick to say that but when we take a look at our own lives we will realize that we have taken a very long drive just like that man with no predefined destination.
Where eaxctly are you going in life because when you don’t know where you want to get to in life and you just keep living everyday as it comes then you are not different froms pilot setting out without a destination. You just want to fly high and you just want to look at the compass telling you where you are and which way you can go but you are notdeciding for yourself where you are going in life! Don’t mix movement with progress. I think the reason a lot of people don’t even know what to do with themseleves is because they are always mixing movement with progress but you will come to understand real progress when you stop for a moment to reflect and think deeply about what you are involved in.
Have you gotten any result that’s different from the result you had last year? Have you trained yourself to be able to do something else apart from what you are doing? What additional qualifications or experiences have you gotten since 5 years ago? Is it the same way you used to do things that you still do them right now? When you started your business several years ago did you specify what level you would get to where you will say ‘ok, it’s time to expand!’
Sometimes all you need to do is seek partnership instead of trying to do it alone and when you have new people on board you stand a chance of succeeding with other people by leveraging on their platforms. Don’t just sit in an organisation and work there for several years only to be given long service awards and you think that amounts to progress in life! You should be able to point to things that you did not have that you now have. You should be able to talk about skills you never had that you now use to even make money for yourself. Your social status should also not be the same so take a review of your life and ask yourself if you are really making progress or you are just moving and you think you are making progress. In asnwering that question, remember not to decieve yourself!
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