Are you out of your mind? │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

People may have asked you this question before for doing something seriously out of the ordinary. You probably thought about something that every other person considers abnormal and you wanted to do it. It could be that and idea struck you and you really wanted to start a business from that idea but it appeared weird to others. In case you have been asked this question before, well I want to congratulate you and also say welcome on board!
If you have ever dared to think differently then people will always come to you and ask if you are out of your mind. I have only seen a few innovations from some great minds to which people said, ‘this is out of this world.’ Well, some people must have asked the people who created inventions that were out of this world if they were out of their minds! You need to know that if what you are doing will get comments like ‘this is out of this world,’ then you will not be afraid to be ‘out of your mind’ once in a while.
As a matter of fact, I am even suggesting you take a stroll out of your mind once in a while. When you go out of your mind you will be ready to present something to this world that is out of this world. When I am talking about going out of your mind I am talking about taking the bold step to look away from conventions and dare to think differently. Think about those things that people have termed impossible and take such with you when you intend to stroll out of your mind. Is there something that has been posing a major challenge to the people in your area and they desperately need a solution? By now you should know that one of the first steps to the solution is that someone must be willing to take a stroll out of his or her mind in order for the desired results to be achieved.
To be out of your mind is to challenge the norms in our society or to challenge conventions as an entrepreneur. Not too many businesses in this world have been bold enough to challenge the norms and in Nigeria, too many are still going with the norm. For example, the internet business in Nigeria offer so many things but it barely offer a real online shopping that delivered goods to people’s doorsteps without looking at the payment hassles from the bank. An innovative Tunde Kehinde and his partner who were both trained in Harvard dare to take the first step on water. I am not sure they knew what they were in for but they started Jumia ( an online store where Nigerians could get virtually anything and barely a year later, they can call their idea a success story. That’s one of a few cases where I can say people have gone out of their minds to come back with solutions for those who are afraid to be out of their minds!
My ideas may not be popular and yours too many not be acceptable to others when you share them but you need to know that you should never be afraid of people saying that you are out of your mind for something you truly believe in. At the end of it all, the myopic people will say that you are out of your mind and when you deliver results it will change to, ‘you are out of this world!’ Keep challenging the norms!
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