Are you still with that Limited Liability Company? │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

I sometimes like to play with words so on one of those days while playing with words I realized that some people are living their entire lives with the kind of people you can refer to as Limited Liability Company. Take a look at the first two words that describe their kind of company. It says they are limited and that they are a liability. Wow! Is that the kind of company you have been keeping?
Many of us want to go far in life but it looks like we often underrate the role that our associations or company play in how far we can go. And please note that when I say company I am definitely not referring to the business organization that you work for. I am simply talking about the people what you are constantly rolling with. The people you spend the most of your time with. They may eventually turn out to be some co-workers of some friends made in your community or the religious organizations that you affiliate with.
Where those friends that keep you company come from is not even important to me compared to what they have to offer. The real issue is if you are keeping a company of people who are limited and are a liability.
What makes them limited?
1. They think too small.
2. They have no vision.
3. These are people who do not develop themselves.
4. There is nothing to lose if they remain the same for years.
5. You can’t trace any meaningful contribution to them.
6. Their decisions are always influenced by the past – failures or limitations.
7. Their mouths are loose.
8. This company is an association of natural pessimists!
At best you can say they just exist.     
Why are they a liability?
1. Your own thinking too will become very small. They will not let you think big for any reason.
2. They will either stop you from having a vision or make your vision redundant.
3. In this kind of company there will be no reason to develop yourself since you are not challenged in anyway.
4. Your life becomes stagnant courtesy of their satisfaction with mediocrity.
5. Now you will be like just one of the numbers that make up the population. You simply occupy space without any impact.
6. You cannot think forward. You think backwards all the time. Your reference point will always be a catalogue of failures.
7. Now you will start talking before you think instead of thinking before you talk.
8. You would have become so contaminated that no positive thought thrives around you. In a limited liability company, you become like an ‘idea-ticide’ – well I coined that word to mean a special substance, action, attitude or even the people who kill ideas rather than let them grow.
You must leave that limited liability company and proceed to the unlimited asset company. From the issues already raise above you know what an unlimited asset company will look like. The earlier you leave the limited liability company the better. That will also be good for you because you will no longer be a poison to the success habits of others and a doom to yourself.
Get ahead in life today by resigning without further delay and, you should not expect any compensation from a company of friends and associates that are limited and have been a liability to you! 

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