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Governments are making excuses regarding their non-performance, parents are laying down excuses at the feet of their children as to why they cannot get more than what they are getting, business owners are making excuses as to why their businesses will not grow, school teachers also make excuses for not giving quality education to our children in this present day. Nations in Africa are, disappointingly, still making excuses for under development and tying it to the aids that have refused to come out from other developed nations even when the truth is that many nations in Africa are richer, in mineral resources, than most nations of the developed world.
We all seem to have one good reason not to have done what we were supposed to have done or another reason for staying out of what we are supposed to be doing at the moment and we keep justifying that excuse until the truth stares us in that face and it’s probably too late to do anything about it again.
I once heard Oladele Olunike saying, ‘ anyone who constantly gives excuses is suffering from a disease called ‘excusites’ – a condition of always giving excuses for everything instead of taking action (the word was coined by Oladele Olunike and the definition is mine). We wake up on daily basis and what we have is a catalogue of excuses from morning to night. You have a brand new day for you to maximize at your discretion and have something going for yourself but you keep making excuses.
So many people wake up and make excuses about why the day will not be a good day. Some have been making excuses for more than 10 years about their dropping out of school and 10 years would be enough to enroll in a secondary school and as well go to a university! Some have been talking all their lives about being abused during childhood years and that has become their excuse for not making any meaningful thing out of life. There are so many others who have been abused too and they are business owners doing something great with their lives and making the most out of it. They did not sit down to say, ‘oh I can’t do that because I was abused.’
When you get into families you also hear parents making excuses all the time for their children and the long chain of mediocrity continues from one generation to the next. If most of us look carefully, we will realize that the excuses we are making today were passed down to us from generations before us and we just took them without looking at what we took and we have also begun to use them.
I do not know of anyone who has gotten an improved life by making excuses all the time. I only know of two kinds of people in life and they are:
1. The people who ignore their limits and throw away excuses in order to succeed
2. Those who embrace or cling to their excuses and always can explain why they did not succeed.
If you are ever going to make anything out of your life, you need to look at all the excuses you have been making before now and tell yourself why you cannot take those excuses anymore!
Stop giving excuses, take the bull by the horn!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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