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There are so many people who have dreams and when they see other people whose dreams are being accomplished, the admire them. Some even say, ‘I wish I can achieve my dreams.’ Others begin to wish that they are from wealthy homes. There is the general notion that if you are from a wealthy home then it will be a lot easier to achieve the dreams you have in your heart.
I would like to correct the impression of being able to achieve a dream because in connection to coming from a wealthy home. That you are from a wealthy home will not take away the limits of your dreams or the limits in your mind. If there is a limit in your mind there will be a limit on the dream even when you have all the resources at your disposal.
Have you ever met someone who has a dream and the person’s dreams are really nice? Have you not met people who can clearly articulate all their visions even for the next twenty years without missing a word? Take them back in the middle of the presentation with the intention to get them startled and you will be shocked about how well they know the dream such that all your efforts cannot startle such people.
So why have they not been able to achieve the great ideas on their minds? Many of us are always talking about the limitations right in front of the dreams rather than talking about how the limitations can help us achieve the dreams.
While it sounds like being a typically optimistic person, I always believe, and as I have seen in some situations, that your limitations can also be the very tool that help you achieve your heart desires. You can break forth to the next terrain using the very thing that tried to stop you from getting there.
When you talk more about your limitation than your dreams, are you saying that your limitations are bigger than your dreams? You keep saying you have a dream, ‘but!’ What is the but about and why are you always having a but?
This is not an attempt to ask you to ignore your limits. There are limits you have to take care of because you really can and there are those that you cannot. What do you do to those limits that you can’t take care of? You walk around them. There is always a way to walk around limits such that what other people thought was going to be a limit for your will not even pose any challenge at all.
Stop focusing on the limit. Stop talking about where you could have been and how things could have been better. It is not the time to say you wish you were born in a certain family or wish you had some kinds of people as your friend. Your time is running out for the dream that you need to accomplish and I think you already spent too much time dwelling on the limitation rather than the dream.
Should you be giving publicity to the dream or to the limitations? when you are done hearing some people out if you decide to give them attention, you will see that they often play down the dream compared to the limitation yet they want people to help them.
It is time to change the gear and rev up to get a different result. You can push that dream in your heart and make it happen regardless of the situation you are in. I don’t think there is any dream in your heart right now that is no achievable.
I came to a level where I push and encourage myself using the stories of great men who have excelled. I like to hear about how they started with almost nothing in a rough world. I really enjoy hearing about the hardship they endured or how they were turned down before they finally made it in life.
You are right that the limitations are there. They are also there to try and stop you from achieving your dreams. Even though they are there, are your limitations bigger than your dreams?

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