Articulate your vision – Fola Daniel Adelesi

When your ideas are not crystal clear it may look like you are speaking Latin to someone who only understands English even when this person is the main person who will help you out with the ideas that you have. it is important to master the art communicating which is referred to as articulating. The manner of articulation for your thoughts and ideas will go a long way in determining the acceptance of those thoughts and ideas and ultimately the success of those ideas. When you think all you need to get on in life is an idea then you will be shocked rudely by the brick walls you will meet with if you don’t quickly learn how to articulate your intentions.
You may want to ask me what I mean by articulation so I simply want to say that as far as ideas are concerned, it could be referred to as the ability to pass across the thoughts on your minds to other people’s minds with your desired response finding expression on their faces or their mouths.
Make sure other people understand what you are talking about especially when they are going to be on team that will execute the projects that you desire to execute. It has been observed that one of the reasons organizations fail is the inability of the leaders to articulate their visions so the people in the team are either caught up in the middle of muddled up visions from the organization or are just running with their own visions. If you don’t it a mandatory things for you to do then I think you have already accepted that your success in any endeavour it not a mandatory thing.
Some people will not come to you so say that you have not clearly expressed your thoughts but when you keep an eye on them then you will glaringly note some of the proofs that the vision was not properly articulated.
Some of the proofs that your vision has not been properly communicated include consistent personal interpretation of what you are talking about by the people listening or working with you. When a vision is clearly communicated the people who listen to you do not have to always put in their interpretation. It could have been that a word confused them about the right interpretation they already have about your vision.
At some other time the proof that your vision was not well articulated could be the speed at which the people are working with you. When you expect them to have finished something long before the time you need it, they will tell you they have not finished because they did not understand something in what you told them to do. You may also need to drag them to come along in the things that you are doing. When a vision is well articulated and the people buy into the vision you will not need to drag people along in the things that you are doing.
On this note it is important to note that when you have to communicate a dream or an idea you have to be careful about your choice of words. There is no point trying to impress the people who are working with you on the team with big words. If the vision is not an impressive vision then I can say convincingly that the words will only confuse the people more than you can imagine. If anybody needs to be impressed at all it should not be your team.
The only way to impress your team is to motivate them. When the motivation of your team is high then it might be easier to communicate with them. Don’t struggle to impress people who are not motivated because you will only look like a comedian who is understood by no one but himself so he laughs all alone. If the people don’t say he is mad the truth is that they think he is.
Now that I have started out on the issue of motivation then I need to say that the only thing that articulates the vision to some people sometimes is the motivation that is in it for them.

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