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As you fulfill your purpose in life you need to note that you are automatically giving others the platform to also discover themselves and fulfil their purpose. What you do helps others see what they are supposed to do and it unlocks the best in them.
Think about a car for a moment. It does not matter if you can drive or not. When you pick up a car key and you insert to start the ignition, you are sending a message to the spark plugs in the car. Once the spark plugs receive the message, several other things like the battery, fuel filter and so on will receive the message and start complying. That’s exactly how we are!
When we discover purpose and choose to fulfil it, we automatically make it possible for others to see what their purpose is and to also start fulfilling it. When we do nothing about our purpose then we are contributing to others’ persistence in the place of darkness and dormancy.
Some years ago I was speaking and I kept saying that my purpose is to help others discover and fulfil their own purpose. And over time, I have realized that just as I go about my own business, it becomes easier for some of the people watching me to understand who they are and to pursue the real things they are supposed to be pursuing.
Sometimes we don’t have to teach people what their skills are. We may not need to show them how to fulfil purpose in life. Just by fulfilling our own purpose, we unlock the potentials in them. We help them see how far they can also go and all that they carry within them.
There is so much that we carry within us and they are beneficial to the people around us. One of the ways our gifts become beneficial to others is because they show others the way. That’s why the Bible says we are the light of the world, a city set in a high hill that cannot be hidden. That means as we turn on our lights, we light up the paths of other people. We make it easier for them to see the paths they are supposed to follow.
You will also recall that deep calls unto the deep. The deep potentials in you calls out the deep potentials in others only when we let the deep potentials in us come out. We are loaded with a lot of gifts. This is one of the reasons we must not let those gifts remain silent. Our gifts must speak up because they are like the activators of the gifts of other men.
Whatever you do must challenge other people. As you bring out the best in yourself it must bring out the best in other people. One of the things I have been able to do recently is that as I write very often, I have been able to challenge other people who are supposed to be writers to also write more. As I speak passionately, someone is challenged and suddenly realizes he or she has the potential to speak but it has been dormant all along.
One of the things I therefore consider as success is the ability to use your potentials to spur others on to succeed. That means you are not only trying hard to succeed but helping others to succeed
Keep this in mind from today. You are not a champion just because you won. You are champion because of how many others you inspired to get started and to eventually win their own race in life.

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