As you like it – Fola Daniel Adelesi.

You have a head
Never to be used
As you like it.
You have a mind
Not to be fed
As you like it.
You have ears
Not to hear all
As you like it.
You’re blessed with eyes
Not for all sights
As you like it
Your nose is given
Not to sniff all
As you like it
Lips to talk
Not without caution
As you like it.
Mouth to eat
Not from all plates
As you like it
Hands to work
Working not all there is
As you like it.
Legs to walk
Walking not with no direction
As you like it.
Ponder on these
Not leaving any
As you like it.


  1. you are really a bunch of talents. your write ups never cease to inspire me. finally, i have checked. so have i gained the privilege of finding out of you did it?

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