Attitude can hinder goals | Fola Daniel Adelesi

A number of people have been discouraged over the years by the goals they’ve set that they could not accomplish. They look at everything around and can easily find one thing to blame. There are those who believe they’ve done everything right but there is no reason for their goals not to work out right. They can’t figure out why their goals aren’t working. In all of the examination they do about why their goals aren’t working, they exclude a self examination about their attitude.

Someone said that a bad attitude is life a flat tyre and you can’t go anywhere until you change it. You may not really have a bad attitude but do you have the right attitude towards your goals? For those who have bad attitudes, you need to start working on your goals. You may not know that people are sabotaging you already and they will do it in such a way that you will not be able to hold anyone responsible for all that is happening. How will they sabotage you in a manner that you can’t hold them responsible? They will simply choose not to help you even when they know what to do and how to help you or when to do so. Interestingly, you can’t arrest anyone for choosing not to help with your goals though they know what they could have done to help you.

You need to make yourself attractive towards people through your attitude. Make it easy for people to want to be around you and be willing to help you. When people are willing to help you because of the right attitude, you will find it easier to achieve your goals. It is when you have a good attitude that people can leave qualified professionals in order to offer you an opportunity. They will tell you they know you’re not qualified to handle this business but they just want o help you or they just feel like doing business with you so you go look for the professionals that can get it done.

If your attitude is getting in the way of your goals then you need to have a rethink. Sometimes, someone may have mentioned it to you in the past and you probably didn’t take that seriously. It is time to start asking questions just to understand what you’re doing that people do not like. What is it about your attitude that puts people off.

This may be something you’re doing unintentionally. It could be that you’re being misconstrued. Whatever it is, there is a need for you to check your attitude so that it does not continue to get in the way of achieving your goals in life.

Now that’s about your attitude from the perspective of people helping your goals. Let me touch on your attitude towards your goals for a bit. You need to be more serious with your goals. You have to check your goals from time to time and revise them if there is the need to do so.

If you have set bogus goals at the beginning of a year, as you gain clarity you can begin to streamline to improve clarity and make the goals easier for yourself. Sometimes you will realize that setting a big goal isn’t the real thing. It is just setting one goal and following it through.

Don’t wait up to three months to revisit your goals. Too much time has passed for you to implement a lot if you wait up to three months to check up on your goals again. You always have to check on your goals at least once a month and ensure that your activities are built around the goals. This monthly check up on the goals is to put yourself in check and confirm that you’re still on track or revise the plan if need be.

You should also set up reminders and take actions on the reminders regarding your goals maybe on a weekly basis. With this attitude towards your goals, it will be almost impossible to go through a year without tangible results.

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