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For more than ten years I have been in situations where I attracted opportunities with my mind and I can confidently say that it works. If it has ever worked for other people it can also work for you. When I got started on this path I didn’t know its what you can call attracting opportunities with the mind. What are the things happening around you today and what where the thoughts of your mind years ago?
If you can answer that question then you will realize why you are where you are today. If you think about opportunities then they will come your way. If you expect solutions then they will come. If you dwell on how you can make things happen the way out will finally be revealed t you.
One of the most profound stories involving my own life was how I said I would become something as a first year student in secondary school and it happened six years later. There are other things I have said about myself and they have happened. This is to let you know that if you want to really attract opportunities then you can begin by attracting them in your mind. What you keep on your mind will eventually become your reality.
So you have to use that mind to your advantage. Stop thinking about the small people around you who have small minds and also think small. Stop thinking about those who will not let you make the most of your life. Stop thinking about anything that does not improve your life. Spend quality time thinking about those things that have a chance to improve your life.
I can suggest you think more about how you will become a business owner. Think about how you will be employing people and helping some others to start their businesses. Think about how you will become the President of this nation who will make a great difference in the lives of the citizens. Think on good things and not just the breaking news that’s always breaking your heart.
Some years back I was looking for how to spread what I was writing. I spent a lot of time thinking, planning and working on it. One day as I was talking to a friend, he just mentioned blogging to me and he took me to the nearest cyber café to get started. More than seven years ago we all know that blogging was only known in the circles of the tech guys. At another time I was planning my first book to be published. I mentioned a few names that would be involved in the project but I honestly did not know how to meet them. As soon as I started talking confidently about my project, I met someone who knew the person that I needed. He took me to the person and that was how my dream became a reality.
I am sure it works for so many other things in life. In the past few days I have been in a training thats offering solutions to series of questions on my mind. The interesting thing is that someone just sent me the mail about the training and was asking if I would be interested. The training turned out to be a free one from a reputable university and a social media company with global reputation. Some people would have asked me to pay heavily for this training but it eventually came to me free.
After a while it also struck me that each time I keep something in my mind for a while, someone just crosses my path with the solution. When I dwell on a particular thought, it becomes a reality. So my present opportunities are realities that that used to be opportunities in my mind.
Are there any opportunities in your mind right now? Watch out because they will soon become real. If they are opportunities you don’t want then you get them of your mind. Your mind has power and it can birth the things that you have been thinking about. Go on now and start attracting opportunities with your mind.  
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