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Back in the days at Mayflower School where I was a student, we had this quote that any of the students could recite at any time. It was ‘be at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.’ That sounded very simple and even easy to remember and spill out of your mouth so much so that you easily forget the meaning and underestimate the weight of those words.
Many of us run into emergencies simply because we do not prepare for things. We run into emergencies because we are not at the right place, at the right time and doing the right things. We take things for granted and do the wrong things at the right time or try the right things at the wrong time. Isn’t that why we run into emergencies?
You need to start avoiding emergencies and one of the things you always have to do to avoid emergency is very simple. Many of us already know the things that need to be done. But the problem is that we leave them undone. Once we leave them undone, even though they are important, we eventually get into a crisis situation.
Think of it in a very simply way. You were given an assignment and you have two weeks to finish the assignment. Two weeks is actually long enough to finish the assignment and you could get to work immediately. Instead of doing that, you simply went to play and said that you still have two weeks. Before you could say jack, it was already two weeks and now you are rushing to finish up the assignment. Unfortunately you could not finish the assignment and could not submit.
Before you got into this mess, you knew, if for example you are a student, that the assignment will be part of your assessment and once you miss out you are already losing scores. If you are in an organisation you know that the assignment can determine your promotion or even make you lose your job. You did not take it with that seriousness and you left it till the last minute.
Now the point here is that most times, what becomes emergencies for us don’t just pop up on us. They usually give us the signals or notices but we ignore them thinking that we have more time and opportunity to fix things.
To be productive you can’t always wait till the last minute to do things. Once you are given something to do or you have something to do, please do not wait till the last minute to do them. Once you wait till the last minute to do them then there will be trouble.
We often get into emergencies because we leave important things to the last minute when we have almost no time or resources to fix those things. When someone comes to you and says ‘please help me. My rent suddenly expired!’ The question is did the rent suddenly expire? If you leave in a country like Nigeria you are to pay your rent on yearly basis so you had a whole year to plan the rent but you did not and you now want to make it look like and emergencies.
Remember that when you leave important things undone, you will get into emergencies and you may become a burden unto others in those periods of emergencies. From what I have said so far, you can deduce that with planning, discipline and commitment you will be able to do without a number of things you call emergencies.
Fix things as they come and you will not get into trouble.

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