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There was a commercial on television some years back in Lagos that said ‘there’s a drop of greatness in you.’ I totally agree. While I agree with what the commercial says, I do not agree that it is the product that puts the greatness in you or that it can inspire the greatness in you. It is my strong belief that the God who created us wants us to be great and gave everyone of us the ability to be great. Much more than that, we only become great not because we have the ability in us but because we inspire the greatness within.
There are so many people who have the ability to become great but are doing nothing about it. Some have passed on without their greatness showing forth and only a few also know that they could have become great. We don’t want to know how great you could have been because it will not do us much good. We want to see the greatness come alive and turn things around or practically impact the lives of people!
If you are going to become a giant, you need to first understand that there is a giant or greatness within you and must also understand the meaning of giants. Let’s take a look at some meanings.
Meaning of awakening
1. To cause to become awake
2. To cause to become conscious
1. A mythical human of very great size
2. A very tall person
3. A person of extraordinary strength or powers bodily or intellectually.
4. To talk about giant can refer to greatness.
From the terms defined above, awakening the giants within can therefore mean to awaken the greatness within you. It may also mean to bring to consciousness the amazing potentials within you that you have been carrying about. Maybe I should say that it means to set your greatness in motion.
For everyone whose giant has been awakened, it was something somewhere that happened to them. Something has to happen for your giant to be brought to life. Among many other things that can happen, this article you are reading right now might just be all that you need to awaken the giant within. Other things that can happen for your giant or greatness to be awakened include but not limited to:
1. A circumstance can arise – David and Goliath; Joseph with his brothers in the Bible
2. An opportunity can present itself.
3. You can meet someone – Saul was looking for a lost sheep when he met Samuel who made him see that his destiny was not with lost sheep but with prophets and Kings; David had been anointed to be king but without a friend like Jonathan his greatness would not have been preserved; Peter was a fisher man. He met Jesus who changed two things about him. He changed his name and changed his career. He called him rock and said upon this rock will I build my church. He also made him a fisher of men; Timothy met Paul and we saw how Paul constantly mentored him. He told him to stir up the gift of God within him and to not allow men despise his youth.
4. A divine instruction can provoke it – Moses, from his calling to his death, became great by divine instruction.
5. Meeting with a great man can provoke the greatness within you – Deep calleth unto deep is what the Bible says. Anyone who carries greatness can also bring out or provoke the greatness within you.
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