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I really don’t like accounting but there are a few lessons to learn from it that we can apply to our lives either on daily basis or from time to time. One of them is the issue of balance brought forward. When you have some cash left in a business for a period and you take that cash into a new period, it is often referred to as balance brought forward. I hope that suffices as an explanation on balance brought forward. Just the same way balances are brought forward by accountants, we as individuals need to bring some goals forward from the previous year!
So many people talk about planning and goal setting but barely talk about what to do with previous goals that were not achieved! It is not only the new goals you intend to set that are very important in a new phase or year. The previous goals that were set and were only half accomplished or were not accomplished at all have to be attended to as well.
When attending to such, you have to ask yourself why it was not achieved or why it was half accomplished in the previous year or phase. When you start that way then you are going to find out what to do differently to make sure you are not going to carry it over into another year.
Sometimes we have to bring some goals into another year not because they could not have been done but for a few reasons like:
1. Inadequate planning for the goal
2. Overlooking the seriousness of the goal.
3. Thinking that you still have time to achieve the goal until there is no time.
4. Keeping the goal out of site. When a goal is not visible enough or staring you in the face all the time, it is possible you forget completely about the goal.
5. Allotting too little time to the goal.
6. Putting yourself under too much pressure for a goal.
7. Setting unrealistic goals – goals that sound like fantasies and are vague.
8. Attempting a goal at the wrong time! The goal may be right but the time may be wrong.
Now that you have seen some of the reasons the goals were brought forward in the first place, you have to take a second look and work on ensuring you achieve those goals this year. Most of the goals that you set will be achievable only when you seriously commit to them.
I should also mention that in goal setting, you are just fooling around if all you ever do is to set some very small goals that you can easily hit without breaking a sweat. Doing that defeats the purpose of goal setting. When you start out to set a goal you are doing that first because you want to have a clear course to chart for the year and then you want to improve on what you have done before. It helps you to become a better person and there is no way you can become a better person doing the things that you do so easily and not setting new task for yourself.
While your goals should be realistic and achievable, they should not be goals that you know you will cheaply accomplish. Don’t be afraid to set goals for yourself. Just look at the ones you have set in the past and bring some of them forward. Remember to check why you could not get them done before and improve on that now to achieve the desired results!    

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