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One of the greatest signs of weak leadership is the refusal to delegate because people feel the power they have will be taken away from them. Delegation is one of the basic rules of leadership and it does not in any way take power away from you once you have learnt to delegate properly and for the right motive.
In basic rules of leadership 2 I did talk about engaging your team members and your followers but it will be very difficult to engage them when you do not delegate to them. You have to let go your insecurity and RELEASE power to other people so that they can be a part of the team. It is only when you release the power you have that you get more power. Think about it. When you delegate to someone, the person will come back and report to you. The more you delegate to that person, the more the person will report to you. When you refuse to delegate then you dont have anyone reporting to you.
Some other leaders do not delegate because they just dont trust the ability of other people to be able to do the job effectively. There are two key issues I would want to quickly raise as the answers to that. If people never delegated to you and as well trust your ability, how will you get to where you are today? The other issue we need to focus on is the fact that if you do not delegate to others and as well trust their ability then you will never give them a chance to rise or to improve. As a team player you should always look forward to the improvement of your team and one of the great ways to do that is to let them take some responsibilities through your delegation.
You need to stop taking everything on yourself because you will eventually breakdown when you do so. The irony of the whole process is that if you are not the owner of the organization you lead, the organization will still continue to run when you breakdown! As a matter of fact, your refusal to delegate might cause some setbacks for the organization because you have not been carrying people along but with time they will be able to do without you.
The proof of power is not in holding unto it but in how often you release it to the people that need to work with you to achieve a great cause. If you have a worthy cause to achieve then it will not matter how powerful you are but how powerful your followers have become. Delegation is very important and it is a great part of successful leadership.
Reasons for delegation
-You delegate to empower other people
-Delegation is a great way to engage every team player
-It saves you a lot of time if instructions are clear while delegating
-It is the portion you delegate that helps people contribute their quota to the vision
-You dont know if your vision was properly communicated until you start delegating
You have not started true leadership until you have started delegating. Start delegating today and empower people for you to be more empowered!
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