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In the ancient Book of truth, there’s the story of a man who was leading his nation through a phase and into a settlement prepared for them by God. Incidentally, this man who was leading his nation was the President of the nation, he was the only judge of the nation, he was the major priest of the nation, he was also the minister for resources who allocated whatever they got to several states of the country and if there was war he would also be on the battlefield with the nation. He was so many things to different people in the nation yet he only had one body and one brain and still needed to communicate with God in order to know how to lead the people. One day, the man’s father-in-law came visiting and saw all that he was doing and he told his son-in-law one of the most important things any leader needs to know. He said to him, ‘son, you will die if you continue this way. You should not be the one seating over every matter of the entire nation. Appoint leaders over the different states or regions of this country and let them lead the people!’
In that story, there were two key leadership lessons learnt from a simple statement coming from a father-in-law to a son-in-law. The leader was taught delegation strategies and the father became a mentor in that moment. Let me focus on delegation for now because I will still talk about mentoring later. If this great leader had not been taught how to delegate he would have continued all the jobs that needed to be done alone! As a leader, you need delegation skills and strategies in order to be more effective and achieve more in so short a time.
I think that the purpose of delegation includes the following: Delegation is one way to engage everyone on your team
Delegation empowers the people you are delegating to.
You can test the abilities of the team members through delegation
The burden on the leader should be lighter through proper delegation.
You and your team can save a lot of time when you delegate because it means different people will be doing different things at the same time for the ultimate goal of the team.
When you delegate properly, you are already creating a system for smooth transition between leaders in your organization.
In my opinion, delegation is one of the best keys to a great succession plan for any organization.
The most important purpose of delegation for you as a leader is for you to have more time on your hands for the really important things or for the most important things.
Your delegation skills will be limited by your skills for prioritization. If you do not know how to prioritize then you will not understand what to delegate and when to delegate. As a leader in your organization, you will have to spend more time thinking and doing the strategic work that needs to be done. In some cases, you need to be able to withdraw and look at your own organization from a distance to see how things are working and to get a different perspective. Don’t get yourself busy with the petty things such that you will lose sight of the really important things. The business of gate keeping, stationeries, malfunctioning taps, parking lots, buying consumables and managing phone calls to the organization should not in any way be your business except in a young and growing organization. I understand that when your organization is starting and growing, you will even sweep the business premises, take out the trash, deliver your own mails, visit different offices to pay the bills if electronic payment plans are not available and still serve your own tea! That’s a phase of the organization and you will get past it. It is also important for you to get past that stage as fast as you can if not the really petty things will kill the business or organization you are trying to build.
I must add that only powerful leaders understand the simplicity and the importance of delegation and are able to delegate without feeling threatened in any way by anyone! I think that anyone who reads this will be able to delegate if you have not been delegating before now and you will be able to delegate more if you have already been delegating.
Let me say with some emphasis that delegation is not an escape route if you are a lazy leader. If you keep delegating as a result of your laziness, the people you are delegating will soon know about it and it’s only a matter of time before they get tired of it. When they get tired of your delegation because of laziness, they might also take it a step further by planning for you and refuse to carry out an important task that you delegate to them until it becomes an emergency for you.
It is also important for you to note that you are not delegating every task because you cannot do those things you are delegating. Sometimes, those you are delegating to will respect you when they realize that they can get stuck while trying to execute and you will put them through. When people who take instructions from you ultimately rely on your experience to brush themselves up they will respect you.
As a leader, keep delegating, keep saving time, keep empowering people and focus on the most important things.
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