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We definitely cannot dispute the fact that any leader who wants to be outstanding in life must have a clear vision and without a clear vision it is even difficult to leader the people! Sometimes you will have one thing in mind and the next time you come out you will be saying another thing because there is no vision and once that happens you will throw the people into confusion! That’s why even the Bible says ‘where there is no vision the people perish.’ In another version it says that the people cast of restraints! It is not power that helps a leader to lead effectively and it is not resources or material possessions that will make your leading very effective!
Anyone can attempt to lead once they have some basic provisions but when you have a vision you will become an outstanding leader! Martin Luther King had a vision and he became very outstanding because of the vision that he had. It was not for his colour that he was respected or just for his prowess in oratory! At the time when Martin Luther King spoke out against racism, he was not the only clergy in town who knew how people should be treated or not! He simply had a clear vision of what should be and what ought not to be! There is no leader anywhere in the world that is highly celebrated today that does not know where he or she is leading the people to!
When you take a look at the cause for which Martin Luther died, you will realize that he made the people understand what he was fighting for and why they had to join him to fight the cause! When you want to lead a group of people you must decide before you even start leading them what they will believe in and what you will be leading them to do! You must set the vision before the people and help them to understand the vision.
What is your vision in life and how are you going to lead other people through the vision? Nations around the world have been built on the ideologies and vision of some men! The very things they had in mind and communicated to their followers were the things that helped in building their nations!
By way of a reminder I should just mention that your vision is simply about what you want to become in life or where you are going in life! You will have a vision as a person and you will have a vision as a leader! When we start talking about having a vision as a leader then we are talking about the vision of where the people you are leading will be in the future. It could be a vision about what your followers will translate into or what you are going to achieve for the people through your followers! If you are leading people and you are trying to sell a vision to them you cannot afford to be selfish about the vision. That means the vision cannot revolve around building a life for yourself and enriching yourself rather than developing the people around you.
Whatever your vision is, you must make sure that it is not just the type of vision that uses other people to achieve a goal and leaves the people useless to themselves! When you work your way around achieving results through other people and leaving them useless, you are not a leader and you do not have a vision.
A real vision will be achieved when you work with people to build things of interest for the larger group and while you are building, the people who are building with you are also being developed!
Remember, you cannot lead affectively without a vision regardless of what you have so ask yourself what you vision is for the people as a leader and keep it always before you in order to lead them effectively!
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