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When you look up the word ‘strategy’ in a dictionary and you want to find synonyms, you will get words like tactic, plan, policy, approach or even ‘line of attack.’ Strategy is a very important word to anyone in the military and that’s why you may have lines like ‘line of attack’ as synonyms for strategy! Everyone in the military who needs to fight on the battle field understands that you don’t just go out to fight simply because there is a fight! You have to put up a plan on how you are going to fight in order to win the battle. You will draw up routes you will need to take so that you are not caught in the web of the enemy. You have to think of the possible things that the enemy can do and to also think about what you can do when they do those things that you have thought they might do! There is a bit of leadership that comes from understanding some military tactics!
As a leader you must understand what strategy is all about and why you are going to need the strategy! First you need to remember that strategy is a plan that will help you achieve what you need to achieve. Your strategy is how you are going to get what you need to get! You strategy is a plan showing the process you will engage or go through in order to get the results you have in mind! One of the strategies that easily come to my mind when talking about strategy is the one the advertisers are using in the country today. A long time ago, advertisers would come out and paint people’s houses in the colours of their products and sometimes put the picture of the products on the house. When you turn on the television you will also see the commercials of the products! If you turn on the radio you will hear the jingles of the products and they will use posters as well. Today they have taken it a step further by engaging the social media and using the mobile phone as a great platform for advertising products! What happens on the long run is that for those advertisers who know how to use all the platforms very well, you will be forced to notice their products and then start buying their products!
The real strategy of those advertisers is not only to advertise to the people but to make sure that the people see their own product more often and as well buy into the opinion that their own product is the best! Even though the people may not be able to back up their opinion that a product is the best, when you do some research you will see that the people bought that opinion as a result of the advert they saw and they have also see the advert for that product more than that of other products! Unconsciously, people think that the most popular product is the best product! Although the issues that may stem from this illustration is for advertisers to debate, the key thing is that the owners of the products would have achieved some results! That is a type of strategy. When you have a strategy as a leader, it does help to know what to do ahead of time even when it seems as if things are not going according to plan! Because you already have a plan, it helps you know what you need to change and what you may need to strike out to still get the original result you planned for.
As a leader you have to think and consult people and must be able to constantly come up with strategies to lead the people and the strategies you will also give to the people to achieve what you want them to achieve! Notice that I mentioned two different strategies! Leading people needs a strategy. There should be a plan for how you want them to develop to be able to handle your assignment and also be useful to themselves in life. The second phase is for you to have a plan that they will work with to achieve the common goal of the team. In building up this plan or strategy for the common goal of the team, it is important that you involve your team. When they are a part of the plan, it is easier for them to understand it, believe it and also willingly follow the plan until the desired result is achieved! You will need to write out your plan or strategy for your business because in your business you will be leading people. It could also be a plan for a non-profit organization but there must be a plan that shows what you will be doing in phases to achieve your ultimate goal!
As a leader, strategy will be one of your core strengths in order to excel! Build your strategy skills today and begin to excel with it!
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