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Sometimes we ask for things that seem very big and almost impossible. We also know that for those things to happen, a miracle might be required. In some cases, they seem far fetched but sooner than we expect, those seemingly impossible things happen and it’s as if we are dreaming! It could be that we asked for certain things without thinking much about them or that we really did not believe that they will happen.
Just a few hours ago, I was in a place where someone had come to talk to another person about what happened to him. He wanted someone to support a business he was going into and had asked for a loan. He spoke with the person about the loan and a few  ‘calls were made to some other people who knew him. Some days later, he was called upon to come and collect the loan to start the business. He was shocked! It looked too real for things to happen that fast for him. When he started talking, he said ‘I didn’t know it was going to be that fast.’
Maybe you have also asked for a few things and even forgotten about them. You may have thought that those things may not happen quickly or that they may not even happen at all. Watch it! It just might happen sooner than you expect and bigger than you ever imagined.
Why is it that people ask for things and then they begin to think that those things may not come to pass? Why do you ask for something and still feel that you may not get it at the end of the day. How come you dream about something then you just disregard the dream you have for something in life?
I think it’s because of the logical voices that we hear on daily basis that some of us believe what we expect can no longer happen. Maybe you earn a very low salary and you think there’s no way this will build or buy a house. Once you think in that direction, you give up the dream of owning a house of your own because logic says you cannot build or buy a house. What makes you think that things will only happen for you in logical ways? Many human beings give up great ideas because they cannot comprehend how it will be executed and they are also not diligent enough to process it in thoughts in order to gain insight for its implementation.
There are people who will dream about running big businesses but it will look as though it is impossible. It is not that the ideas cannot be implemented but they start thinking about the resources they have. They also start telling themselves that this thing cannot be done if everything will depend on their income or other resources. If what you have is an idea then think about how you can partner with other people. People can invest in the idea or decide to fund it without asking you for a dime in return.
In so many ways, the world that we live in has defied logic. There are things that have happened to us that we cannot explain logically. Once you remember that, bear in mind that the things you want in life may not always happen logically. More importantly, ask more out of life since you know that what you are asking for can happen. Don’t ask for small things that will happen so easily and then you start wishing that you had asked for something a lot bigger.
What you are thinking about or wishing and asking for might just happen sooner than you expect! Keep at it and keep watching to see even the seemingly impossible happen for you.

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    1. Hello Ade, thanks for reading and making out some time for feedback. As for the ‘bigger question’ of who to ask, I believe it’s God. While some people think nature has a way of responding to what we want, I think it’s God working in the background to make things happen.

      1. Thanks for the response Fola, I totally agree on God.

        I just signed up to your blog and I can say after reading two articles thus far, I made a smart move. Keep the fire burning, well done!!!

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