When you don’t have a car you barely worry about fuel scarcity and the cost of fuel. You don’t have a business being in the garage of the mechanic. Why buy a wiper when you ride a bicycle? You only visit the store of the windscreen producer when you have a car.


The most obvious reason you are bothered about diapers (nappy) is because you have a baby! You are worried about the cost of baby food because your baby has got to feed. Increase in the charges of schools for baby class sounds ridiculous to your hears because you would have to go to work with somebody else looking after your baby while you are a way. If you initially bothered about the food of your spouse and yours alone, you would have to think about the children as they stop relying on breast milk! You would not for this reason ask God to take the children, would you? A number of homes break because the husbands simply wanted wives and didn’t think of the responsibilities that come with being married, especially to a queen! You are blessed with the children, wives or husbands and with blessings come responsibilities!  


Why would I think of electricity bills if I don’t have a shelter? Why would I buy a container of disinfectant for the toilet? Who’s going to ask me for rent when I don’t live in any house? What’s my business with burglary when I don’t have any property to keep anywhere?


There’s no point crying for butter when I can’t afford a loaf of bread! A shoe polish cannot be my headache when all I have is a bathroom slippers. If you have one shirt you would not bother about the seemingly everlasting laundry process. You would think about the laundry cost because you can afford to buy what to wear.


You are concerned about videos because you a video player! You are concerned about the latest songs because you have a media player! What’s an illiterate doing with bales of books?


Why does a dump need a microphone and what’s the deaf going to do with a headset or earphone? Whose satisfaction is the bathing of the dead? Who thinks of buying clothes after death?


When I got a mobile phone I had to think of making myself consistently available on phone and I wanted to reach more people via the phone instead of spending too much on transportation. My only option, if this desire was to be achieved was to constantly request the prepaid services of the mobile telecommunications company! When you are blessed with anything you must not forget that with blessings come responsibilities!


If we want to be blessed we must at the same time prepare for the responsibilities of being blessed! Some people do not know that they are blessed already so they keep praying for blessings instead of preparing for the responsibilities of being blessed. Consequently, they fumble with the blessing when it comes. Get prepared for the responsibilities of being blessed because you are blessed!

 Fola Daniel Adelesi

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