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For some time now I feel it’s very important for us to revisit our relationship with our maker and be sure that we have a real connection with him. When you claim to have an internet connection and you are not have a great internet speed, you will always go back to check your connection to be sure there is a real connection. If the connection is there and the speed is not good, you refresh the internet. Once the refresh has been done, you expect the speed to pick up.
After reading this there are those who will need to refresh or even start a fresh connection. There are too many people in church today that you can refer to as nominal Christians. They just show up in church and they don’t take to heart the real values being shared in the word of God.
None of the deep things of God is a concern to them and some of them know that they still have one or two issues. It’s not enough to show up in church and say that you are a child of God. You can’t bribe God simply because you have also been in that church for so long or because you were born into a Christian family. In my last article I said salvation is personal and each person, according to scripture, has to work out his own salvation.
Today my real concern is for you to be sure that you are really a child of God. In the book of John chapter 3 from verse 1 to 5, we saw someone who was a teacher of the law coming to Jesus to ask him questions about salvation. At some point Jesus was perplexed and asked him a simple question. Jesus said, ‘are you not a teacher and you still don’t know these things?’ that tells you there are those who will look like the children of God but they are not.
Some people will seem to be serve God but they are serving the ‘unknown God.’ They are serving the unknown God because they do not have any personal relationship with that God they say they are serving. There is also no confirmation that they are serving this great God of ours and they think that there proof is their physical activity in the church.
The bible says, ‘The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God.’ There is only one thing that can make the spirit bear witness and that is when a covenant relationship has started with God. The covenant relationship begins when we believe in our hearts that Jesus died for us and confess with our mouth that he is Lord over our lives. If this relationship has not begun we can never claim that we are sons of God and the Spirit has no business bearing witness for us that we are sons and children of God.
Dear friend, it is so important to be sure of being a child of God in these days when the church has gone into the world and the world has gone into the church. There are so many things that people are doing today that looks like the religious things to do but they have no basis either in scripture or the leading of the Holy Spirit. It has therefore become so easy to have the form of godliness but deny the power thereof.
Only those who are certain that they are children of God can constantly and confidently call on him. Those are the ones who have a regular relationship with him. They are not propelled by the loud noise in the church or the wave in the society. There’s nothing on this earth that moves them much more than being a child of God and they cherish their relationship.
Do not presume that you are a child of God. Of all the things that you are permitted to presume is one is far from it. That is why we need to get the spirit confirmation saying that we are true children of God.
Now ask yourself. Are you just going to church? Are you just the child of some religious or really spiritual leaders? Have you really started a relationship with your Lord? Do you know this Shepard and does He know you? What’s your relationship like? Until you have, maybe, satisfactorily answered these questions, you are probably not sure that you are a child of God.
Don’t presume. Be sure! The times are deceitful and getting more dangerous.

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