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Too many of us take our health for granted until we really have cause to be worried about it. We wake up on daily basis and make a list of the things we would like to do. Further into our attitude of ingratitude, we go ahead to make a list of the things that we do not have forgetting that when health is lost, none of those things will matter. I know that life can be tough for so many people and series of challenges can be coming your way but in all of these issues, you still have to be very thankful when you have your health!
If your health is good then there is little to be worried about! You may not have money in your pocket but be thankful that you have your health! If with the fact that you don’t have money in your pocket and you have to be rushed to the hospital, you will somehow still need to pay the hospital bills! You must look for the money and pay it! Guess what? The amount you will even pay in hospital bills will always be more than you can spend on food in a day and in some cases, a week or a month! For some, it is worse. Are you thinking you don’t have a car yet? The amount some people have paid in the hospital is enough to buy some luxury cars but they still don’t have their health! You may not have a car but you have your legs and they are working well! Be grateful for your health!
I have heard series of stories from people about how some other people lose their lives because of the same simple things that have happened to us that we also took for granted! Many of us have experienced headaches at some point in our lives but remember that it was just the same headache that killed some other people. Can you remember how many times you’ve fallen off something or you just slipped? Do you also remember that some other people died instantly! They never got a chance to get up but you did! Even if you have a broken leg, common! You’re alive and someone is dead because of the same thing!
It is really important for us to take our health serious and be happy that we are in good health! We must thank God for it. We should not always wait, as we often do, to fall sick before realizing that all along we have enjoyed good health! You may not have it all but you have good health! If you are still looking for a job and that’s the reason you are sad, remember you will only attend an interview and be employed because you have good health! If yo are not happy about the fact that you do not own a house yet, remember that you will have to live in the hospital, no matter how beautiful your house is, if you do not have good health! In fact, if you get that house that you dream about and then lose your health, you will be moved into a coffin! Common!
Forget about what you don’t have for a moment and just think about your health! Spare a moment and say, ‘I may not have it all together, things may not be the way I want them to be yet, I am still hoping for that car and still dreaming for that house, I still need capital for my business but … I have my health! Thank God!’
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