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One of the most valuable quotations, I think, that I have heard is the one that says, two people cannot be deceived at the same time. If the one who is being deceived does not know, the one who is deceiving knows that he is deceiving. Another illustration coming from a Yoruba proverb talks directly to liars and indirectly to people who are not true to themselves. The Yoruba people will say that if you have only 5 tubers of yam and you claim to have 10, when you finish eating the 5 that you actually have you will also have to eat the 5 remaining lies.
Shakespeare has also said we should be true to ourselves and these days I look back to ask why people are not true to themselves but it does not seem to come as simple as it appears! Why will someone struggle to impress other people and then struggle to prove a point that is not necessary? If you do not struggle to impress people then you will have a very peaceful life to live and you will easily go about your daily activities with no fear of someone finding out that what you said is not true. I was driving down to my house yesterday evening when a radio drama started playing. It was about a young lady who had been employed as an executive in a company and she had lots of points to prove to other people around her. She moved from where she was into an expensive estate and then changed the school of her children.
Among her friends she wanted to be able to say she has arrived and she needed to keep up that façade for a longer time so they started inviting her into some groups where she needed to spend a lot of money to prove points. She took vacations she never needed and could not even afford and was just getting involved to impress those who never noticed her. Shortly after she was called for another vacation in Brazil, her secretary came with a message from the Managing Director saying that the auditors would come in earlier than expected and at this time she was left with barely 6-hour notice. It was this point it became obvious she had been mismanaging office funds and also using it for unnecessary charade make-believe so her job was on the line and ultimately she would lose the friends she was trying to impress.
I remember one of my university lecturers saying, if you never lied in the first place you will not have to struggle to remember what you said. When asked a question on the same subject again, you will simply tell the truth you told the first time even if the question was twisted and you never knew it was the same question.
Nobody needs to be impressed by the kind of life you live and the things you do for yourself. Just do what you have to do and do it with all sincerity so that you can live your life in peace. The moment you start out to live your life trying to impress someone or some people, you will get into a rat race and will always have to struggle to impress them the rest of your life until you really have no other way to keep up with impressing them. Some people borrow the money they do not have to buy the things they do not need and cannot afford in order to impress those who do not care so much about them.
One way to have a life free from unnecessary troubles is to be true to yourself!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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