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There are times when you will make adequately informed choices but somewhere along the line it may appear as though things are not going as planned. You just might find yourself in a situation where all information and expertise you have seem to be failing. While it is very important to persist until you succeed, it is necessary to note that you should be willing to bend! It is when you bend that you can stay long enough on the journey and eventually arrive at your destination!
Have you seen anyone traveling, maybe from one state to another, who keeps insisting he must drive straight from where he is to where he is going? No, it’s not possible. There are times you will use a route and will discover the traffic there is a stand still. With that you begin to consider alternative routes. Using the alternative routes does not mean you will not get to where you are going. In fact, it saves you more time and stress.
That’s what we also have to do in life. You may be going somewhere and it looks like the route you have chosen will require more efforts or more time. It might also take some of the resources you will need at your destination. When this happens, you should simply be willing to bend and use alternative routes to get to your destination.
Sometimes you simply make things more difficult for yourself when you are not willing to bend. Refusing to bend is to say that you will stick to only your strategy. Just eat your humble pie and note that you don’t know it all. What you even know can fail you. Listen to other people and restrategize to get things done.
If you take a good look at those who have achieved greatness in life, they are people who have decided to bend. They saw how somethings were taking a different turn and they had to bend to move on.
When do you bend?
1. When you are spending too much time on something and it’s not working
2. If what you are doing takes too much of your resources and yields very little then it might be time to use the bend to still get to where you are.
3. I guess we really don’t have to be told to use the bend when you are approaching the end of the road!
4. When all that you know is no longer working, bend by approaching other knowledgeable people to know and try what they know.
What happens if you don’t bend?
1. You can simply be broken! That’s the worst result you can get.
2. You use up your time and don’t get another chance.
3. By the time you realize the only option is to bend, you would have exhausted your resources.
4. There is the possibility of living with regrets all through the rest of your life for not bending.
Life may not always work out your own way. Be wise or smart enough to note when things are not going your way. You can still achieve what you want but be willing to bend!

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